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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Dangers of Safety Gates

The Dangers of Safety GatesNanny's fantasy world of zero risk presents manufacturers with a golden opportunity to sell us stuff that we sometimes don't really need, but which they assure us will make our loves much safer.

Unfortunately, it seems that some of these "safety" products in fact can do more harm than good.

Allegedly, 5 of the best selling child safety gates may carry a risk of toddlers choking or strangling themselves.

That is at least the view according to a Which? magazine report.

It seems that the gates, used to block off stairs and areas like kitchens, failed British standard safety tests.

Manufacturers whose models were criticised included; Mothercare, Jonelle, Bettacare and Safety 1st.

According to the report, the Jonelle Wood and Metal Gate, the Bettacare Auto-Close Gate, and the Safety 1st Portable Safety Travel Barrier all risked a piece of child's clothing, a bib or a dummy getting caught.

This could possibly lead to a child being strangled, it added.

Needless to say the manufacturers dispute the findings, claiming that there were "anomalies" in the testing process used by Which?

My advice is simple; if you want to stop your children running amok, then put them in cage and give them a slug of whisky in their milk.

Problem sorted!

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  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Ridiculous. Of course they are dangerous.

    Any child could smelt them down, and turn the parts on the lathe many children have in their bedrooms to make a gun, or a crossbow !