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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, August 26, 2005

Hypocrite of The Week

Hypocrite of The WeekNanny and her friends, when the mood takes them, can be hypocritical old so and so's at times.

Normally, Nanny's hypocrisy takes the form whereby she tells us to stop doing something whilst she happily continues to indulge in it herself; eg Nanny constantly tells us we are obese, yet take a look at Nanny's cabinet, they do not stint themselves when it comes to food and drink!

Anyhoo, this time round the hypocrisy has taken a reverse gear.

Nanny has happily instructed us to indulge in 24 hour drinking; suits me fine!

Unfortunately her chum, MP Hywel Francis who voted nine times in favour of Nanny's new licensing laws, has had an attack of nimbyism.

In a letter to Westminster Council, he said that allowing Pimlico's Morpeth Arms to stay open late would "destroy the peaceful character of the area".

The pub has applied for an extension, so it can stay open an hour later once a month, to take advantage of late opening at the nearby Tate Britain gallery.

A harmless enough idea, one would have thought.

Unfortunately Hywel Francis, who is not actually MP for that area but for some place in Wales, has decided that it is not for him.

Francis told BBC Radio Four's PM programme:

"I think it is not hypocritical to support legislation that actually gives the power to individual citizens to make representations to local authorities."

Well we think you are a hypocrite!

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  1. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Just to let you know "some place in Wales" is Port Talbot(Aberafan).