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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Nanny Bans Angels

Nanny Bans AngelsNanny gets some very strange ideas into her head; once they get stuck in there no one can dislodge them, no matter how daft they are.

As a case in pont, Nanny's chums at the General Register Office in Dukinfield have a bit of thing about religion.

It is required that Register Offices do not invoke religious ceremonies when weddings are held there, that's perfectly reasonable; after all, if you wanted a religious ceremony why hold your wedding in a Register Office?

However, sometimes Nanny's acolytes can be ultra sensitive when it comes to identifying what constitutes religious symbolism.

The team at Dukinfield have decided that the chart hit Angels, by Robbie Williams, carries religious connotations that could be offensive and have therefore banned it.

Howard Monks and Julie Sagar-Doyle, who were due to get married there, were told 15 minutes before their wedding that their chosen song was not acceptable.

Mr Monks said:

"I don't know how anyone could be offended by Robbie Williams. He's a pop star and it's just a pop song. He's hardly some religious bigot."

A spokeswoman for the General Register Office said:

"It is up to each register office what they do about songs or poems. The guidance says any music or poetry that has any religious reference can't be used, but that is a bit subjective."

Dictatorships thrive when rules are "interpreted" by petty bureaucrats.

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  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    "Howard Monks and Julie Sagar-Doyle, who were due to get married there..."

    I'm surprised they didn't ban his surname with its religious connotations. Obviously there were too concerned with the song to notice.