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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hoodies R Us

Hoodies R UsNanny's relentless campaign against the evil, and socially threatening, hoodie continues a pace.

I would remind Nanny that over the past few decades we have had; teddy boys, mods, rockers, hippies, punks, sloanes and new romantics.

None of these, despite being viewed at the time as threat to civilisation, ever caused Armageddon. Therefore, I have a sneaking suspicion that hoodies do not pose a significant threat either.

Anyhoo, Nanny is not in listening she ever?

Nanny's chums in Monkton Road Stores York, have a clear "no hoodie" policy. Therefore it should have come as no surprise to Jay Cooper that when he entered the store as "bold as brass" wearing a hoodie, that he was banned.

Three small flies in Nanny's oinkment though:

-Jay is only two years old
-He was muffled up against the cold
-He came to the store with his grandfather

Nanny, of course, doesn't deal in common sense; only rigid, stupid, inflexible rules.

Both Jay and his grandfather were of course asked to leave. This is the same store that recently banned a middle-aged nurse for wearing a hooded top, when she went to collect her morning newspaper.

Nanny is destroying common sense, and is turning our minds to slush.


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Surely a combination of poor publicity and simple econmics will put paid to Monkton Road Stores.

    I'm just wondering how any shop keeper can drive away custom with this level of gusto.

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Clearly (or obscurely?) the staff at the store possess excellent predictive capabilities and can spot a future VOO candidate a mile off - well, may be not a mile bit at least when they come through the door.

    I blame CCTV reliance myself. Were it not for everyone erroneously thinking that CCTVs everywhere made their lives safer I doubt this issue would have been extended so ridiculously far as it has.

    I wonder if the store serves many muslim women wearing 'traditional' clothing. Or pensioners wearing scarves for that matter?

    I wonder what would happen if one walked in wearing a Tony Blair mask?

  3. Anonymous12:53 AM

    There should be an American Cultural happening aginst the business in question.

    Many years ago, during the days of the Civil Rights Movement, the (Black and White) people boycotted businesses that discriminated against them.

    It is time you Brits took the same action.

    Put nanny's flunkies out of business and make a whole lot of noise about it, too.

  4. Anonymous11:19 AM


    I agree entirely with your sentiments but would observe that there are other aspects of life in the UK where even more unacceptable attitudes seem to be resulting from non-Nanny actions which are only loosely controlled by any of Nanny's rules. So society seems to like being chastised or maybe it likes chastising when the turn comes?

    But reading news from across the pond, especially the USA, I see little real difference in what is happening at most levels. Indeed the US has extra levels of command and control with its Federa/State/Activist NGO structure.

    Seems Nannies are everywhere. There must be a global cure if the disease is to be eradicated.