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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The State of The Union

The State of The Union
The daily effluent of Nanny's propaganda, from the Number 10 Bunker, informs Nanny's subjects of all manner of things that she is proud to lay claim to.

Many of which are trivial, inconsequential or downright stupid.

However, rather surprisingly, there is one event that Nanny has not tried to lay claim to or indeed muscle in on.

Namely the foundation of Great Britain, and the Act of Union which merged the parliaments of England and Scotland on January 16th 1707. Those of you who have suffered Nanny's education system may have a little trouble here, that is the 300th anniversary of one of the most important events in the Nation's history.

What is Nanny doing to celebrate and to commemorate this historical event?

Aside from minting a crappy £2 coin, bugger all!

Before you get too hot under the collar about this, you must remember a couple of things:
  • Nanny is celebrating the abolition of slavery by spending £20m on commemorative events.

  • Nanny, by her obsession with devolution and regional parliaments etc, is actively trying to destroy the Union. She could hardly therefore hold events supporting it, could she?
Pretty pathetic isn't it?


  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Well I think that IS something that B'liar could apologise about - to the English.

    Had the Union not happened I presume there would be less chance of the Scot populated government we have today.

    Thing is though that you can't expect them to celebrate (and therefore publicise) something that is rather parochial and somewhat irrelevant an ever growing proportion of the population. Whereas the ending of the Slave trade is a wonderful sop to Africa and global public opinion for any leader looking for a new role post domestic employment.

    And 20 million does not seem like much really - about 1 day of interest payments on the final overrun cost of the Olympics I would guess - especially when you think the Uber-Nanny Livingstone (of London not Africa) was happy to see 1 million go up in CO2 and pollution inducing smoke for a few minutes of fireworks the night before last. I bet the cleanup bill will be at least the same amount.

    As the balance of wealth transfers from UK to, say, Zimbabwe over the next decade or so having friends in Africa, appreciative of benefit of stopping the Slave Trade before the entire populace left for places where they would ultimately be far less subjugated than in the lands from which their families originated. After all many African leaders are well aware that to have power you need to have a population over whom that power can be exerted - notably some who have moved into the area of politics outside Africa.

    Had the population all shifted towards North America there would be little left for them to 'lead'. So they would have to have moved themselves and taken on the role for others - as the Scots have done in the UK.

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Perhaps it's because the state of the Union is crap that they don't want to recognise it?