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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nanny's Child Catchers

Nanny's Child CatchersGive me a child, and he/she will be mine for life...not my philosophy, but Nanny's.

In Nanny's world, the way to ensure that she leaves a permanent legacy on Britain's psyche is to ensure that she gets her message across to the children.

Nanny's increasingly politicised police force are only too willing, these days, to help her achieve her goal.

In the dying days of 2006 it seems that Nanny once more struck a blow against common sense, and scared the hell out of some poor kid, as Guya Persaud's son found to his cost.

Persaud junior is 14 years old, and committed a terrible crime in Nanny's eyes.

What was his crime?

Did he deal drugs?


Did he steal?


Did he wear a hoodie?


He pushed a boy over, who he suspected of bullying his younger brother.

Guess what Nanny did?

She sent her chums from Hertfordshire Police around to sort him out.

Persaud junior is a prefect, and was described as a "model pupil" by his school. That didn't stop Nanny's police from using the full powers of the law to scare the sh*t out of him, officers gave him a formal reprimand after an investigation. His name and offence have now been placed on the Police National Computer.

His reprimand for a "violent crime" will also remain on the separate Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) database, jeopardising his hopes of following in his parents' footsteps and becoming a teacher. they do this for all the youths who steal cars, mug people, deal drugs or who are just scum?

Er no...


Simple, Persaud junior is a soft target and easy to use to improve the police "clean up rate". The others are just too much hard work.

Grant Shapps, the local MP, thinks that the police action was bollocks.


"Parents will be concerned to hear police

are invading the classroom

rather than solving violent street crime.

I fear this is the Government's target culture gone mad.

Officers are meeting their targets for

solving violent crime by busying themselves

in the playground

and undermining the authority of schools in the process

This roots of this sorry little example of lousy police work go back seven months or so. Persaud junior's 11 year old brother had seemingly been enduring racist bullying at secondary school in Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Persaud junior confronted one of the alleged tormentors in May, and pushed him three times and on the third occasion, the alleged bully fell over, though he did not report any injuries.

Persaud junior then told a teacher that he had pushed over another pupil. He was suspended from school for two days and had to write a letter of apology.

Problem solved!

Not so, the "victim's" parents needless to say felt obliged to report the incident to the police. Goodness me, if every incident of some child being pushed over in the playground were reported to the police they would really have some work on their hands!

Guya Persaud said:

"When the police first came to see us,

they were slightly embarrassed

and said the whole thing seemed ludicrous.

But the next we heard they had decided to issue a formal reprimand

which means he is now on the Police National Computer.

It will show up on criminal record bureau checks

for the rest of his life.

As a deputy head, I know that if a school gets a positive CRB check

on an application from someone to be a teacher,

it goes straight to the bottom of the pile

Hertfordshire Police, seemingly, are more than proud of their contribution to law and order.


"As in this instance,

if someone makes a complaint or reports an alleged criminal offence

to the police we are obliged by the Government's crime recording standards

to record the offence and investigate it.

The individual concerned admitted the alleged offence

and accepted a reprimand

So many words, yet so little understanding as to what the role of the police is really meant to be.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the police's actions and attitude in this case scare the hell out of me.

Oh, one more you think that Nanny's police pressed charges against the racist bully?

I bet they didn't.


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    This young man is clearly a scoundrel and has admitted as much.

    The police are only doing their job as defined by the Government's need for numbers to be able to have any chance of understanding anything around them.

    In any case they if the reports in the Daily Mail are even vaguely accurate the police will need to practise extensively at every opportunity in roder to fulfill the requirements of the alleged super-ASBO's being proposed.

    So the kid at the school in Somerset who was punished, initially without knowing he was being punished apparently and was thus punished again, for eating an apple in a non-food area of the school, the tennis court in this case, should think himself lucky.

    Had someone spotted the the apple had been purchased from the local greengrocer whose wife's cousin knew, socially, a woman who had a friend in Sicily whose 3rd cousin 4 times removed did some cleaning for a neighbour whose husband was suspected of knowing a bloke who knoew a small time mafia soldier who may have been used once or twice as a runner in a money laundering scheme .... (breathe here) ... the lad and his family might have found that their assets were suddenly frozen and, in the style of the HMRC, no one would tell them why.

    Far fetched?

    Well maybe but there have been cases of seriously and obviously mistaken identity related to either or both of inaccurate database entries and stupidity on the part of the arresting officer ('suspect' with the wrong skin colour for example and all the people in a vehicle being arrested as 'associates'), which have caused personal problems and expense for the entirely innocent parties involved.

    Given that most name and address databases (The simple bit of the recording process) are never consistently more than 90% accurate at best and that Government databases can be much less accurate than that, this is cause for concern.

    Given our government's habit of providing all this spurious data to all and sundry, especially the Americans, on any pretext at all it is quite likely that any corrective action will still result in erroneous information being spread through the world especially as more and more ;checking' is applied and the task will, no doubt, be outsourced to to operators in other countries.

    Will all the databases be kept in synchronisation?

    Do pigs fly?

    A little incorrect information is worse than no information at all. And much more difficult to correct.

    Maybe this should be a thread of its own ...

  2. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Yet another case of 'using a sledgehammer to crack open a nut'.

    This makes me ashamed to be British

  3. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Press charges against a racist bully? Not unless they're on Celebrity Big Brother...

  4. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Andy said...
    "Press charges against a racist bully? Not unless they're on Celebrity Big Brother... "

    Talking of which ....

    We probably agree that the Jade Goody character is somewhat thicker than the Antarctic Ice Cap but she has obviously been put there for a purpose.

    Now it strikes me that 10,000 complaints in a realtively short period of time is quite remarkable if they all come from individuals, even if those individuals are being encouraged to complain by some of their peers.

    Does anyone else think this has been set up? And if so, who by and for what purpose?

    Endemol for ratings?

    Shilpa as a career move?

    Jade Goody for reasons she will never understand?

    Gordon Brown to distract the Indian populace from his messages about being green thus making his visit awkward on the global stage?

    Gordon Brown to provide an opportunity to show the British people that he [i]is[/i] aware of other countries and cultures? (Other than Scotland that is.)

    Keith Vaz trying to resurrect his career?

    Gordon Brown so that he can slip in a few more taxes while the media are distracted?

    Gordon Brown so that he too can look like a victim yet also avoid having to put forward any policies at all.

    Gordon Brown to avoid the really important questions about whether he too is offsetting his carbon miles for the trip (Like that nice Mr. Blair) and if so how much is the tax payer paying this time?

  5. Grant, re the trash series Big Brother and the row currently dominating the world's media...the only good thing that has come of it, is that it has overshadowed Brown's trip to India.

    Seemingly he is well pissed off:)


    Clearly No 10 has had a hand in this!


  6. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Absolutely ridiculous. Let's see - because the Police have now put him on a couple of criminal databases, he will not be able to teach! Ludicrous. If that is truly his vocation - teaching - then he and his parents need to see a good lawyer and sue the School that instigated this trouble, sue the local Police Forse, sue the Contry-wide Police Force, and sue the stupid arrogant ignorant Government policy writers that insisted on the stupid inane policy being floowed. He could get a nice sum from the Courts. Let me see.... ruin of his potential 40-year career, that could have led him to become a Headmaster or better, at current rates.. £2,200,000 that includes some interest, £10,000,000 for unnecessary harassment and criminalizing by the stupid Police. Round that all off to £12,500,000 and it should be good eneough for the poor guy to start a new career track. It also may put a dent in the stupid policies adhered to by the oh-so-ignorant and stupid Police. Makes me wanna weep.

  7. Anonymous1:38 PM

    What does 'accept the reprimand' mean? Does it imply the poor sod might have had a chance to tell them to fuck off and get on with their jobs? Maybe he can take this steaming pile of shit to a higher court.

    On the Bullshittometer of 74 this ranks about a 63.