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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nanny Bans Penis's (Or is it Penii?)

Nanny Bans Penis
The recent snowfall in the UK, aside from causing all the predictable problems with our "world class" transport system, has led to a flurry (how very witty of me) of Nanny type directives.

Many of Nanny's state schools have banned snowballing...seemingly snowballs are dangerous, and present a threat to the future of mankind.

In addition, John Knowles, a student who erected a 4ft snow phallus fell foul of Nanny's gestapo.

Police Cunstable Wiley (I kid you not) apprehended Knowles in mid erection (so to speak), and fined him £80.

Cunstable Wiley made John de-erect his phallus then took him to the local police station, where he imposed a the fine for a public order offence.

Funny how drug dealers, muggers and other assorted scum seem to be able to avoid such speedy punishment isn't it?

Nanny really needs to sort out her priorities.


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    But if it was only half built, how did the officer know what it was? He clearly had a dirty mind!

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Yet another example of why our policemen (and policewomen) are held in such high esteem by the average person.

  3. Anonymous10:06 PM

    The snow penis on the other hand got fined for impersonating a police officer, it had zero IQ, did not move and was a complete and utter prick.

  4. Anonymous11:54 PM

    But if it was only half built, how did the officer know what it was?

    See for yourself at the super soaraway Sun. Quite an impressive erection.

  5. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Let's hope poor Constable Wiley-Savage doesn't get posted to the EU Anti-Phallic Symbol Unit, he'll have his work cut out. Quick stop in Brussels to dish out a 120 Euro fine to the Brussels City Council for the Mannequin Pis (make that 240 as he is actually having a waz), then onto Italy and Greece where the number of nude statues should see him comfortably through to his early retirement on ill-health grounds (well you can't look at all that nudity without it stressing you out just a little, especially when you're a precious, sensitive rozzer).

  6. Anonymous9:54 AM

    What about the display of rampant pricks in Whitehall on display on TV every day?