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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Yob Epidemic

The Yob Epidemic
Off subject folks, but if you want to see how to rid our streets of the yob epidemic that we are told is engulfing us, then read this: The Yob Epidemic


  1. Interesting how you "we are told" and he dance around ther problem.
    Drunken aggressive yobs are real. Even comrade Blair recognised that.
    They are unpleasant, dangerous and bad for business.
    Is this the best you can do?

  2. Anonymous2:36 AM

    I agree with cramerj that Ken's ideas really don't go far enough.

    There are some options readily available.

    Assuming gas chambers might not be acceptable again just yet it occurs to me that automatic conscription for 2 counts of drunken behavior might help to solve the manpower crisis in the army. Iraq and particularly Afghanistan could absorb and recycle, one way or another, quite a few yobs I would imagine.

    Mind you, when I lived in the south east some years ago it was the visiting squaddies from the nearest barracks who had the reputation for the most aggressive drink fuelled behaviour so the solution may only work so long as the majority of them are stationed outside the UK.

    Comrade Bliar, of course, had first hand experience of drunkenness amongst the young, as I recall. And of course yobbishness amongst his party members, some in senior positions. And let us not forget that he spent some time at Oxford where orms of drunken yobbishness are pretty much expected.

  3. Folks, thanks for your comments...but why don't you post them on the actual article itself in the In Your Face site?

  4. Anonymous11:48 PM


    My excuse is I am fighting off excessive blog consumption.

    Too many places to visit, no time to get anything done.

  5. Anonymous7:58 AM

    google has non-personned me. Probably with good reason. :o) skydog