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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Dangers of Peppers

The Dangers of PeppersLadies and Gentlemen, I must report a very serious omission by Nanny in respect of her ongoing mission to warn us of the dangers of the minutiae of our daily lives.

She has singularly failed to warn us adequately about the dangers of fresh peppers, specifically the variety known as Scotch Bonnet (Capsicum chinense Jacq.).

There I was yesterday innocently preparing my infamous Spicy Chicken, and chopping a couple of Scotch Bonnets for the sauce; blissfully unaware of the horror that I was to face later.

Having prepared the food, I then washed my hands and had a brief "rest room break" before popping down to our gym/sauna.

Half an hour later, when in the sauna, the bits of me that had been in direct contact with the Bonnet....and those bits that had been touched my my hands...were burning like merry hell! (Do I make myself clear?)

Farking hell...various things had to be dipped/splashed with water in order to lessen the burn.

The lesson here is simple, don't just wash your hands after touching these things...but avoid saunas for at least 24 hours after touching them.

Where was Nanny's warning label to that effect on the Bonnet?

She has failed!

Those of you who would like to prepare my Spicy Chicken for yourselves, here is the recipe:

Ingredients (per person)

-1 or 2 fresh chicken quarters

-4 cloves of garlic, chopped

-2 Scotch Bonnets, chopped

-2 long sweet peppers, sliced in half

-A very generous portion of tomato puree

-A good dollop of Tabasco

-A good dollop of Peri Peri

-A good spoonful of cayenne pepper

-A good spoonful of paprika pepper

-A drizzle of olive oil

-Black pepper


-Mix all the ingredients (except for the chicken and the sweet peppers) together

-Smear the chicken on all sides with the mixture, massage your bird well with the mixture

-Place the chicken into an oven dish and cover the chicken with the sweet peppers

-Drizzle with olive oil

-Allow to rest for an hour or so

-Roast in an oven at 180 for around 45 minutes, until cooked.

Serve with rice or saute spuds.


  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    ..........and then thoroughly wash your hands BEFORE having a wee!!!!!!

    Wildswimmer Pete

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM

    ''....and those bits that had been touched my my hands...were burning like merry hell! (Do I make myself clear?)''

    I fear your dire warnings are (much) too late for my salvation Ken. I had a similar experience with Chilis (The Apache variety to be exact)


    :o( skydog

  3. Anonymous1:22 AM


    You have to try Jamaican Jerk Chicken, if you want to piss Nanny off.

    Blazing, blood-fire hot.

    Take 2 TBSP of Walkers Wood Jerk sauce and spread it over the chicken and let it marinate in the fridge for 4 to 24 hours.

    Then slowly barbecue it over a medium hot fire for a couple of hours, till the internal temp of the chicken (or chicken pieces) are about 180F.

    Throw on lots of wet hickory chips to make the barbecue smoke and infuse the chicken with that lovely Smokey flavor!

    Serve with lots of icy cold beer. ( You will need it!) And loud Bob Marley music.

    Just piss of Nanny, by having fun with food and music!

    Jerk Sauce can be bought at any ethnic store, even in the GB.


  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    So, that will be peppers, chili, garlic, peri peri, tobasco and all similar ingredients banned along with salt.

    I seem to recall that there are people having a go at black pepper as well - carcinogenic apparently.

    I predict a return to the 'good' British war time/rationing diet that many seem to see as being the ultimate healthy source of nourishment.

    This will potentially offer benefits on several fronts.

    1 The war on obesity.

    2 The War on immigration since people will not wish to live in the UK if they cannot eat their normal diet. (Ah, sorry, there is no war on immigration is there ... My mistake.)

    3 The war on population growth. (See 1 and 2 above)

    4 The war on food miles. No need to import all those nasty ingredients.

    5 The war on Climate Change. (See 3 and 4 above and, for many, consider the emissions control effects of banning certain ingredients and produce normally imported rather than locally grown.)

    6 The war on cancer. (I'm sure there will be some research somewhere ...)

    7 The war on terrorism. (See 2 and 4 above. 4 is particularly useful for the control and destructions of foriegn economies that fund terrorism, if the views of some commentatiors are to be considered seriously.)

    There may be more benefits, especially to latex glove manufacturers, though not sure whether that potential market would be best stimulated, if I may use the word, for use in food preparation or elsewhere. That may come down to personal preference of course.

    On the other hand (so to speak) encouraging the use of such ingredients in some sort of ritualistic recipe might have a beneficial effect in the war against STDs.

    It is just so difficult trying to work out how best to run the country. Poor Nanny.

  5. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Well, good job you didn't indulge in a 'Private Moment',,,,,,,,,