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Friday, August 24, 2007

Gang Culture

Gang Culture
As Nanny and her lackeys in the media work themselves up into a frenzy over the "gang culture", that we are told is sweeping Britain; it is time for a little pause for thought as to why we have groups of teenage lads huddling together on the streets in gangs, and what might be done.
  • It's not a new phenomena, look to Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet was basically a love story set amongst gang violence. Less hysteria from the media and politicians is needed.

  • Teenage males need strong male role models. When they have no strong male at home (be it biological father or father figure), they will seek role models elsewhere. This of course flies against the face of Nanny's love affair with single parents.

  • Parents who allow their teenage children to roam the streets at night, need to be "reminded" that this is a sure fire way for teenagers to find themselves in trouble.

    Where the parents continue to allow their kids to roam at will at night (and those kids are found to be getting into trouble with the law), appropriate action against the parents needs to be taken. That which is most of value to the parents should be seized, ie pc's, TV's, CD collection, mobile phones etc.

    After that, target their benefits.

  • Those that would seek to mentor and act as strong male role models for these youths (eg scout masters, youth centre workers etc) are put off by Nanny's myriad rules and regulations re interaction with children.

    Nanny and the media now assume that all males who wish to interact with under 18's are potential paedophiles, the rules set up by Nanny to weed out the small minority of people who are paedophiles are putting off the majority of those who aren't. The rules need to be changed.

  • Nanny's middle class abhorrence of boxing has led to the closure of boxing rings, both in gyms and above pubs. These were ideal places for teenage males to be trained to handle their aggression and to take some pride in themselves, under the guidance of a male mentor. Bring back the boxing gym.

  • Nanny's dislike of competitive team sports has led to a decline in group after school sports clubs; eg football etc. These team games are an ideal way for teenage males to bond and to learn to handle their aggression, plus let off steam. Competitive team sports need to be assertively encouraged.

  • The feminisation of schooling, whereby male teachers are on the decline, again leads to trouble. Teenage males need a strong hand, that is best delivered and administered by a strong male teacher. More male teachers are required.
Like it or not teenage males, if left to their own devices, are a bloody nuisance and a danger to themselves and others.

On the assumption that we as a society do not intend to start sterilising people, or sealing off deprived areas with watch towers and fences, then the only option we have is to take the time and trouble to address the issues above and reverse the damage that Nanny has done.

We will hear a lot from Nanny, and the media, in the coming weeks over this. Brown will tell us that he will ensure that gun crime is eliminated, and that the gang culture will be eradicated.

However, unless his solutions cover the above issues, there will be no change for the good whatsoever.


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    "Brown will tell us that he will ensure that gun crime is eliminated"

    In the same way that the handgun ban eliminated gun crime presumably? Recorded gun crime is up 50% since that came in.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Gang culture may not be a new thing, however I believe the scale of it and the weapons used is a new development.
    I believe, and the office of national propaganda or statistics supports this claim, that a disproportionate number of persons of Afro-Caribbean decent are involved in this type of criminal activity. So we need to ask why this is the case. I believe this is to be placed firmly at Nanny’s door. Years of people being accused of various “isms” if they question any of Nanny’s sacred cows. I think young black males often believe they are untouchable. The police are afraid to approach many of these young black men, who of course know their rights, for fear of being branded racist. How often do we see or hear sentences about controversial subjects beginning “ I am not being racist but…..” We should be able to ask questions such as, why are so many black lads turning to guns, with out the fear of being labelled a racist. We should be able to ask about the growing problem of Muslim fundamentalism worldwide with out being branded Islamaphobic. We should be able to question the rights and wrongs of “gay” marriage and adoption with out being branded Homophobic. We should also be able to question Nanny’s new religion of climate change with out being branded “ A climate change denier”
    Aggghhhhhh…..I’ll have to stop now….I’ve fallen off my soapbox.

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    What was that slogan that someone dreamed up that began "Tough on crime ...?"

    The only toughness apparent seems to be aimed mainly at socially crimialising the pliant law respecting members of society. Soft targets of the policy regime but measurable and easy to tick a box.

    All of this has been well outside the government's ability to control for a long time. All they can do is keep stoking the fire.

    Maybe Vladimir et al will brings them to their senses.

    Meanwhile I will scour Google Earth for remote places to emigrate to. Tristan da Cuhna anyone?

  4. Are you not supposed to mention the ancient greek that rabbited on about the young. A stadard excuse for doing nowt
    As for strong role models when there we coppers on beats that was a model with a big hand.