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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fag Off

Fag OffNothing brings a lump (or something like that) to my throat more than when I read of ever alert council employees doing their bit to protect the environment.

As such my cockles (can I say cockles?) were thoroughly warmed when I read this story (a month old...sorry about that), about a council employee from Grimsby handing out a £50 fine to couple for littering.

Quite right too!

The only trouble being that they hadn't littered at all...they looked as though they might litter.

Donna Jackson and boyfriend Mark Hewitt were having a fag outside a shop, when they were given a fine for £50 on the basis that they looked as though they would litter.

Donna said:

"We were gobsmacked because it was so ridiculous,

so in protest we both then threw our cigarette ends

on the floor.

We thought if we are going to be fined,

we might as well get our money's worth

A warden said in theory smokers could be fined for flicking ash.

You have been warned!

Nanny will now get you for intent to commit a crime, even if Nanny can't prove it.


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Is 'evil' too strong a word for these officials?

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    It's my understanding that the average human being loses several million skin cells and several hundred hairs every day.
    I also believe that we leave deposits of grease and other unpleasantries every time we touch something; that we breathe out deadly chemicals such as CO2; that walking leaves traces of leather, rubber or plastic on the streets where we walk; that our clothing deposits fibres on anything we sit on or brush against.
    If these little fascist bastards really do believe (and who could doubt it) that " theory smokers could be fined for flicking ash.", then, presumably, we could - and should - be fined for depositing all these other kinds of pollutants?
    Be warned, next time you're out in public, don't breathe, cover yourself in a plastic bag and wear a hair net (not sure what you could do about the feet though).

    Of course, above all else, avoid contact with anyone working for the council and - unless you want to go down for a long stretch - do not sneeze!

  3. Anonymous4:31 PM

    It's the same old problem: A little bit of power to a council employee and it goes straight to their head. Pre-emptive that is a nice little earner...kerching.
    All joking aside though,I have a bus stop outside my house and I do get fed up with the smoking related litter left around the bus stop. The addict opens the packet of cancer sticks, throwing the cellophane wrapper to the ground. He then pulls off the tin foil wrapping which he throws on the ground. He lights his cancer stick which he smokes at the end of which he throws the butt on the ground. I am sure if I went up town and started throwing small pieces of paper all over the place, especially if I had spat on them first, I would be rightly fined, so why not the smokers at bus stops or outside public buildings and offices? Smoke if you must but, tidy your mess up after you.

  4. Anonymous11:33 PM

    I thought we had laws against bullying and harrassment.

  5. Anonymous1:30 AM

    I wonder what would have happened if, after receiving the fine, the guilty duo smacked the officious little twat in the face.
    They could then say "We thought he was going to hit us".