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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Nanny Don't Allow..

Nanny Don't Allow..
My thanks to DWMF (a regular reader of this site for many years) for sending me this very apt ditty, penned by himself, to be sung to J.J. Cale's "Mama Don't Allow".

Please feel free to add your own extra verses:

"Yeah, The Nanny State won't let me have a smoke
My nicotine needs are getting past a joke
Blowin' smoke in Nanny’s face
Leavin' my butts all over the place
The Nanny State won't let me have a smoke

Yeah, Nanny don't allow no speeding in my car
What she allows won't get me very far
Pedal to the metal when I get a green light
Slam on the brakes when the cops are in sight
Nanny won’t allow no speeding in my car

Yeah, Nanny don't allow no playin' contact sports
Just joggin’ down the street with dayglo on my shorts
Wanna play football with the crazy jocks
Ringin' guys' bells with cross-body blocks
Nanny won’t allow no playin’ contact sports

Yeah, Nanny won't let me sing a rugby song
She says it's rude and dirty and plain wrong
These are works of poetic genius -
Especially the one about the good ship Venus!
Nanny won’t let me sing a rugby song

Nanny won't allow no kids playin' in the street
Kids are becoming useless and effete
Hopscotch and tag are a big no-no -
They might get a graze or stub their toe
Nanny won’t allow no kids playin’ in the street

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1 comment:

  1. Ken, one more verse which I though up immediately after I sent you the email (ain't it always the way?):

    Oh Nanny is Politically Correct
    Her words are always very circumspect
    Simple descriptions are for the birds
    Robbin' the people of the power of words
    The way we speak is slowly being wrecked!

    Some more anon.