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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nanny Bans Paper Rounds

Nanny Bans Paper RoundsYou know how Nanny is obsessed with keeping children safe from the millions of potential perverts that she alleges are waiting to prey on them?

Well she has found another everyday aspect of life which exposes children to enormous risk, in Nanny's view anyway, of being attacked.

Paper rounds!

Yes, paper rounds.

It seems that despite the fact that kids have been doing paper rounds for decades, in order to earn a little spending money and to learn the basics of self respect and working for a living, Nanny believes that paper rounds expose kids to unnecessary dangers.

As such Nanny's Department for Children, Schools and Families is considering issuing an edict that will order shopkeepers to have safety checks, and vet the staff who work with children (eg those who perform paper rounds).

Now here's the added bonus for Nanny, the shopkeepers will have to pay £64 to register the adults who work with children with the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Nanny, much like Cherie Blair, when she smells a money making scam is all over the idea like flies on shit.

Needless to say many shopkeepers will not pay this fee, and thousands of kids will find themselves out of work (another lesson in real life I suppose).

What kind of message does this send the kids about adults?

What about the adults that the kids deliver the papers to, shouldn't they be checked and registered as well?

There's a nice little earner that Nanny has missed!

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  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Typical Nanny behaviour.
    It seems at some point in time, everyone will need to be approved by Nanny if they are likely to come within one mile of a child.

    This just builds on the fear created in people by Nanny. We are feeding Nanny's delusions. People actually believe now that there are perverts every where waiting to prey on children.

    I recently was asked to pick up one of my grandchildren from school. A note had to be sent to the school advising them that a different adult would collect the child. The school told my daughter that when I collect my grandchild I should bring some ID, my daughter, being a chip of the old block, told the school that my grandchild, aged ten, is more than capable of confirming her grandfather's identity. School Nanny rapidly conceeded that point.
    When I went to the school, it was like getting into Fort Knox, high security fences, chained gates and a caretaker on security patrol....No wonder we are producing a generation of scaredy cats. Mind you, being a male that is unlikely, due to my age, to have young children, I was immediately looked at as if I was a predator by the "Baby Business" brigade. The looks on some of those women's faces were scary and by the way, I don't live in an inner city or rough area, I live in supposedly the most affluent, pleasant and safe place in the country.

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Nanny knows that kiddie fiddlers lurk around every corner. That nice man in the corner shop/newsagent is obviously only offering paper delivery to get close to youngsters. Same for his missus, same for anyone wanting papers to be delivered so they can sit slavering behind the net curtains as the paperboy delivers the daily rag.

    Clearly, this is another 'issue' that Nanny must address via another tax on those working and delivering a service. More money for nanny to disperse on her pet projects while punishing those who wish to work.

    Well done Nanny - let us show kids that working is to be discouraged and that every adult they encounter in their lives is a rabid nonce.

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    "What about the adults that the kids deliver the papers to, shouldn't they be checked and registered as well?"

    Don't put ideas into Nanny's head, Ken! These jobsworths don't need any encouragement to make life hell for everybody!

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM

    STOP PRESS: Any male wanting to start a family will be checked.
    There will, of course, be a (large) fee.

    Any excuse to extract money from the population.

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Seems like an idea from a society that has more money than sense. Or thinks it has.

    I reckon there is a god chance that within the next generation - say 20 years - the economics may change to an extent that all this excessively pointless checking will become bureaucratic baggage that cannot be funded. Certainly not justified.

    It is probably a cyclical effect of 'civilisaton' varying between silly and sensible. We seem to be in the silly phase. The very silly phase.


  6. Thank you Ken for raising this important issue... I fear many small businesses have no idea what is about to hit them.

    The £250 million 'Independent Safeguarding Authority' (ISA), will begin by insisting that key employees of a shop/business which employ children will need to be pre-vetting. It is assumed this will include managers, supervisors or others working in close proximity to children. But the ISA is bold enough to admit that eventually they intend extending it to ALL staff of such businesses.

    The child employee, will include all those on work experience schemes, doing saturday jobs or part time evening work. Potentially it may also include those small businesses that have young family members living 'above the shop' and those that have young patrons on the premises (riding schools for example).

    The scheme is due to launch next October - unless the date has changed again (it was supposed to be this year).

    Naturally, most businesses won't bother employing kids. My restaurant owning friend has already said he'll stop giving youngsters weekend work opportunities once the scheme becomes live. He's just not prepared to invest the thousands of pounds need to vet all his adult staff.

    Of course, as always, it will be the kids that suffer... so much for encouraging them to be responsible and learn a work ethic.

  7. Anonymous4:34 PM


    1. How will all these people get their papers?

    2. If you want to see teenagers 'just doing their job', Nanny, watch Neon Genesis Evangelion - then you'll have no problem with paper rounds.

  8. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Nanny will simply have to employ more suckers on her teats to enforce the new laws. Nanny has deep apron pockets as we pour our cash into them.

  9. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Elsewhere in the Ken Frost blogfest (See link in the original post above ...) Ken commented about Mrs. Bliar's diaries which apparently mention.

    "Contraceptive equipment"?

    Did Tony know those weapons of mass destruction, given his Catholicism?

    Perhaps he has an undercover team searching for them as we speak?

    Still, its probably a safe bet Gordon will have had no knowledge of them.


  10. Anonymous10:26 PM

    If a business, say a shop, has not had all its staff vetted would that mean that it could ban kids entering on the grounds of ensuring their personal safety?


    They would get my business ...


  11. As an aside, wht does Nanny not want children to go outside and get exercise?

  12. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Conspiracy 101:
    'The Brownish Version':
    If kids no longer deliver papers because newsagents refuse to pay the concealed Nanny Tax; this means that fewer people will read the papers and will, thus, become dependent on TV and Radio for their information about what's happening in the country.
    Since it is the BBC (Brown's Bunch of Communists) who supply much of what purports to be news on the 'air waves' Gay Gordon can continue to bribe (blackmail?) them into toeing the Party line without any major worries about independent newspapers 'blowing the gaff'.
    Given that the Partys Pension fund receives an extra few million quid from the (no doubt) voluntary participants in this scheme AND ZanuLab also get to suppress any 'bad news', our glorious leaders will be able to convince themselves yet again that nobody will notice the reality, because they'll all be celebrating Nanny's expression of concern for the wee ones and her determination to stamp out the perverts in our midst.
    Dunnit give yer a warm glow?

  13. William Randolph Hearst started out as a paper boy.
    Patty Hearst was very much protected; ended up as a terrorist.