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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prats of The Week - The Dangers of Standing Up To Scum

Prats of The WeekOoh, it has been a long time since I have awarded my prestigious and world famous "Prats of The Week" Award.

Time, I think, to make another award.

This week the award goes to Devon and Cornwall police.

For why?

Ask Alma Harding (a retired postmistress of 63), of Kenton Exeter, who tackled a yoof with that most dangerous of weapons, a rolled up copy of church council minutes.

Mrs Harding was returning from a church council meeting, and was crossing the village green. Thereupon she encountered some "lippy" 13 year old and his mates, who swore at her when she told them to stop playing football near some flowers that she had planted on the green.

Mrs Harding therefore remonstrated with them, and "brushed" the boy across his cheek with the paper.

Needless to say, this being Nanny Britain, the boy's mother felt that this was an affront to her son and lodged a complaint.

Mrs Harding now faces a police investigation into claims of common assault, which carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

Mrs Harding said:

"I have done nothing wrong. It would not have hurt the boy. It was only rolled up paper and I am a little old lady."

Devon and Cornwall police said Mrs Harding would be interviewed "in the next couple of weeks".

Shouldn't common sense dictate that this matter be dropped?

Devon and Cornwall police, well deserving Prats of The Week.

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  1. Anonymous10:19 AM


    All coppers are deserving of prats of the week. When I were t'lad we were scared shitless of coppers and all we got up to was the usual silly arse kid stuff,not I hasten to add, dealing crack and murdering other kids who did not show us 'enuf repsect.'

    Nowdays the coppers are just social workers in blue uniforms, or revenue collectors for nanny. Call them when you have an ongoing problem with 'yooof' as I have had to and get fxxxx all response.

    Naturally, if your road tax is 2 minutes out of date, or your child looks like they might not conform to EU height diktats for safety seats and the brave boys in blue will be all over you.

    Lest anyone thinks I am a socialist bill basher we have many mates who were in the Old Bill (now retired) and they hold the current breed of pencil squeezing diversity trained non coppers in as much distain as the general public do. Prats indeed.

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM

    She made a silly mistake. She admitted to it. That makes her an easy target for a 'detection'.

    Yay for Nanny's target driven culture.

    Now, the bum who tried to trip me up the other week and then tried to pick a fight with me, you can bet he wouldn't admit to what he'd done. That means there's no easy win for the coppers, so he gets away with it (and his mate got to start on another couple before the cops were even called).

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM

    All you need to remember in Nanny's world is the following:-

    1) Kids can do no wrong.
    2) When kids do do wrong refer to number one above.

    Nanny with her social engineering has a lot to answer for. She has turned our country from a green and pleasant land into what it is now...A cesspit. It is about time we took our country back!! Let commonsense be common again.

    Still I suspect a fixed penalty notice will eventually be issued once the elderly lady is "re-educated" as to her wrong doing....Kerching!! There goes Nanny's till again.

  4. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Do none of the arse'oles in power understand that it is this sort of treatment of the law abiding (in its true sense) that creates the contempt for the law now prevalent?
    Upright citizens nicked for responding to the provocation of some little thug who knows that he/she is beyond reach must, eventually - for their own protection - start to take counter-action. When that happens (and it will) perhaps ZanuLab will feel that it has acheived its objectives for Great Britain and Gay Gordon and the rest of them will abandon the anarchy and chaos they have created here and relocate to some cosy little sinecure in the EU where they can screw up lots of other people's lives.

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    "Lest anyone thinks I am a socialist bill basher we have many mates who were in the Old Bill (now retired) and they hold the current breed of pencil squeezing diversity trained non coppers in as much distain as the general public do."

    I'm glad you added that.

  6. Anonymous7:40 PM

    "Needless to say, this being Nanny Britain, the boy's mother felt that this was an affront to her son and lodged a complaint."

    Spot the source of the problem ...

    Am I wrong in thinking that it is almost always the kid's mother who kicks up a fuss in these sort of cases?

    Do male children have no remaining pride?


  7. Anonymous8:03 PM

    This sort of thing is happening so often that I can only conclude that the police have some reason for making us want to hate them.

    Can anyone tell me what this might be?

  8. Anonymous9:10 PM

    One could think that a roll of paper one day can become a knife or an axe the next day unless nipped in the bud, so the boys in blue were just in time on this one.

    At least one could think this if one accepted the logic of the new policy on cannabis.

  9. No the case shouldn't be dropped.

    Let them proceed, let the world know that the barely pubescent gob shite got beaten up by a frail little old lady. I promise you he won't go shooting his mouth off in future, to grannies or the coppers. I very much doubt he'll dare leave the house for fear of public ridicule.

    Serve him right too.

  10. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Evening all,

    Dear PC Dixon, I would not be so foolish as to suggest all plod are useless. Some I am sure do the very best they can with what is no doubt a tough job.

    The problem is that many seem to delight in enforcing nanny's idiot diktats with relish, whilst failing to deal with the real crims who wreak havoc in our society. I used to have real respect for the bill until I had to call them when confronted with criminal activity in my own front yard three times and got no response, no car, no officer to attend etc. I had to chase the offending 'disadvantged yoofs' off my property and endure the usual mouthing off, threats of we'll be back etc. I made it clear if they came back I would kick the shite out of them before their social worker or chav mum and dad could stop me, course if I had to do what is the betting that uncle bill would have been there in 2 seconds flat to nick me for child abuse or something along those lines.

    Neighbours who came out to help had the same story to tell. Sadly, we all concluded that the law is not on our side at all and that is why the old bill are now viewed by most citizens as on the side of the scum and nanny. Meanwhile, our council tax for policing incrases every year. What a joke.

  11. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Number 6 -- it is not a sad joke. It is that kind of stiff upper lip crap that is allowing this to happen. You have my respect and support for standing up to it but frankly plod are a liability. They won't help if you need it and they will leave no resource unexhausted 'investigating' you if there is a ticked box or a fine in it somewhere.

    We need a civil war to reclaim sensible rle of law!

    Speaking of The Village, anyone notice how the second Number 2 (at the end of episode 1 "Arrival") looks rather a lot like Grodon Clown? Prophetic indeed.

    Be seeing you..

  12. Anonymous11:48 AM


    Indeed it does feel like we are living in the village now does it not? CCTV cameras everywhere,the sheer mentalness of nanny's ever encroaching diktats (courtesy of the real Number 1, the EU) and so on and so on.

    Let us not forget the immortal words of the real number 6 "I am not a number, I am free man."

    Words to live by as nanny encroaches ever further into our lives.

    I agree that plod are a waste of space, as are all of nanny's little helpers when it comes to assisting the very mugs that pay their salaries via our taxes.

    Be seeing you.

  13. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Dear number 6

    Believe me I am as contemptuous of "modern" policing in Britain as you are, probably less forgiving than you that there may be a small minority who have not yet sold out the fine traditions of proper policing to political pigswill.

    I agree wholeheartedly that the plot has been lost and that it is now the majority of law-abiding citizens who are being policed rather than criminal or disorderly elements.

    The rule of law is under increasing threat and many of the old, proven laws are abandoned, ignored or forgotten. When I see the modern police "in action" I marvel at their indiscipline, brutishness, abuse of power and lack of appreciation for the simple fact that they police with the peoples consent.

    My reference was to the police officers of the past, alas no longer with us, but even that reference is somewhat rose-tinted. There has long been a problem with policing in this country. Police fiscal corruption was endemic for many years and has only recently been supplanted by political corruption. The increases in police pay introduced under Thatcher discouraged fiscal corruption but encouraged a proliferation of "career" officers who viewed policing as a good living rather than as a vocation.

    Height standards were reduced, permitting shortarses to join the force. Weedy individuals with no physical presence and often without gravitas.

    The uniform code was let slip and police officers began to take as their role models the very worst kind of TV coppers.

    In a kind of hysteria about personal safety, body armour and various offensive and defensive tools were introduced, transforming the average constable from an approachable guardian of the streets to an aggressive looking SWAT Team member. A dishonest policy gave the lie to arming the police as a matter of unremarkable routine and instead saw the proliferation of armed response units, creating a gung-ho elitism that is the enemy of responsible and safe armed policing in the community.

    At the same time the Home Office and the police have declared war on their potential allies in the community, outlawing and vigorously prosecuting rights to self defence that have been enjoyed by free Englishmen for many a century. The ancient right to bear arms has been eroded and destroyed so that arms are now the prerogative only of the criminals or an increasingly ineffective police.

    The police have changed from being the guardians of public safety and an integral part of the community to an oppressive arm of the state. What makes this wholly unacceptable is that this chgange has also resulted in their complete inability to protect the public from crime and disorder, or to fulfill the obligations which brought them into being.

    I long for a complete root and branch reform of the police service in Britain, starting at the top but going right to the bottom. Pulling aside the self-asserted mask of professionalism that they hide behind to take a good. long hard look at the inner workings or lack of them. The police need to be far more accountable to the communities they serve, to be governed by a far more rigorous disciplinary code and to be rid of each and every distraction from their core purpose - policing the streets and public places.

    Freedoms once given up are almost impossible to regain.

  14. Anonymous6:01 PM


    A well thought out and written response.Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly with you, but on the subject of telly coppers I really would not mind a 3-litre Granada full of Jack Regans'Sweeney to come round and sort out the little toe rags that cause so much misery in my town.

    In lieu of that we have 5 ft 2" tall community support officers who strut around in their dress up policeman uniforms and by their own admission "can't really do much about it if they are under 16 mate." The toe rags laugh in their faces and while they are shouting 'wankers' at them I find myself in agreement with their descriptive powers.