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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prats of The Week - The £500K Sound Barrier

Prats of The WeekGoodness me, it seems to have been yonks since I awarded my prestigious and internationally renowned "Prats of The Week" Award. Time, methinks, to make another award.

This week it goes to another one of our "respected" local councils, South Cambridgeshire District Council.

For why?

They intend to spend £500K of taxpayers' money on erecting a noise barrier beside a dual carriageway.

To reduce the noise of the traffic for the local residents?


The council received a complaint from a group of 50 travellers about the sound of passing vehicles and abuse from motorists.

The travellers, who oddly enough have set up camp (how can they be called "travellers" if they are staying in one place?) claim that their lives are being made a misery by the constant rumble of traffic, and that they are being victimised by lorry drivers who beep their horns, flash their lights and shout obscenities.

The sound barriers would be installed on the A14 near Milton in Cambridgeshire.

Nick Wright, the councillor responsible for planning, said:

"It's such a noisy place to live. When you go down there it's almost a job just to have a conversation.

Obviously their homes don't have any double glazing or sound proofing

Aren't there more pressing projects etc that the £500K could be spent on (especially given that we are in a recession)?

Do the "travellers" pay council tax?

Why can't they simply travel elsewhere, to a less noisy site?

South Cambridgeshire District Council, well deserving Prats of The Week.

By the way, South Cambridgeshire District Council, is of course a Tory run council.

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  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Many of our politicians, of all parties, are just throwing away our money. This week the UK MPs are going to vote on exempting their expenses from the Freedom of Information act to avoid us being able to scrutinise to what extent they are helping their greedy little selves to our cash.

    I therefore take the liberty of using this forum to write an open letter to them before the vote:-

    Dear Members of Parliament,

    I must add my voice to the many who are reacting to the idea of MP's expenses being exempted from the Freedom of Information act. It is indeed appalling that MPs (and MEPs and councillors) should so brazenly attempt to draw a veil of secrecy around their squandering of the publics' money. This can only promote further corruption within their ranks.

    Would that we had a modern day Oliver Cromwell who would rid us of the many greedy and self-serving politicians of today, and who would govern the nation in service of the people and in an honest way.

    Yours sincerely,


  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    It is a bit crazy for those that choose to live near a noise source, to claim it is noisy.....The same applies to those daft creatures that buy homes near major airports and then complain about aircraft noise.

    I agree with Ken, travellers, by definition, travel, if they don't, they are not travellers and therefore should have to comply with the burdens the rest of us have forced upon us such as, planning laws, income tax, council tax, car tax, fines, refuse disposal fascism etc etc.....Oh yes, and good ol' 'Elf'n'Safety.

  3. Anonymous11:41 PM

    No, South Cambridgeshire in not a Tory-run council, it is an officer-run council, like most local councils.

  4. what a load of silly old bollocks no wounder so many brits come here why arnt the "travellers/vagrants"moved on or told to sod off thay would here we have one here in the capital (wellington) ina house bus who has taken root neer parliament the local council gave out a mound of fines for no vehicle regerstration mot etc but all ignored to the tune of a few thousand dollars but thay cant tow as she/it lives in the bus so guess what thay just wiped the fines and give up .good aye

  5. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Since Ken is supposed to support individual liberties I have to assume that he, like me, would not wish to enforce another lifestyle on the travellers. I support their right to live as they chose.
    I also support their right to use their brains and select a site suitable for their needs. You would think that a group of people experienced in the peripatetic lifestyle of travellers would know better than to camp right next to a major road heaving with commercial traffic night and day. Whilst it is one thing to insist on having the choice it is entirely another to expect to impose that choice on everyone else. Your liberty should not cost someone elses, nor should it burn resources to which you have declined to contribute. Want to be part of a society, then contribute to it, want it your own way, pay your own way.