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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prat of The Week - Shall We Dance?

Prat of The WeekWell done Alan Johnson, Nanny's health secretary (occasionally mentioned on this site), for winning this week's Prat of The Week Award.

He believes that he has found the panacea to the obesity "problem" that Nanny is so fretful about.


He wants us to don our dancing pumps, and dance the fat away. Apparently, having watched Strictly Come Dancing has inspired him (everyone on that was so slim weren't they?).

Johnson wants to create a "dance working group", including the Strictly judges, to expand the availability of dance classes to adults.

I thought that dance classes were available to those who wished to dance anyway?

Are they not?

Johnson may have a point about dance though, many of those party animals who dance the night away in clubs around the UK and Ibiza (pepped up on various... ahem ..."natural" stimulants) certainly seem to be somewhat slim....or maybe that is the effect of the stimulants?

It sounds like a monumental waste of money, all for a cheap headline.

Alan Johnson, Prat of The Week!

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    The best exercise of all is swimming, but Nanny is standing by and allowing councils all over the country to close swimming pools and leisure centres due to lack of money (not much left over from our council tax after the seatpolishers' fat salaries and gold plated pensions have been paid).

    Swimming is the UK's most popular participant sport with some 12.5 million taking part every year. So I would suggest the money to be lavished on a minority activity like dance would be better spent keeping open public pools and other leisure activities the public actually want.

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I belong to a religion where having sex standing up is prohibited. They say it might lead to dancing!

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I feel Nanny's little helpers are having a competition to see which one of them can come up with the daftest idea before they are slung out at the next election....I think Nanny Johnson's is in the lead at the moment but, the rest still have a year to come up with something even more daft!!

    If I were a betting man, I would put a tenner on one of the following to beat Mr Johnson:-

    1) Jackboots Jackie
    2) Hilary Benn
    3) Hazel Blears
    3) Harriet Harperson

    But, I still wouldn't bet against Mr Brown (The saviour of the world) to come up with something that trumps the aforementioned.

  4. This government is hilarious! I've never seen so many people so intellectually challenged. Is there something in the gin at the bar in Westminster or has the intersection of several ley lines shifted - or both?

    If some "celebrity" farts then some politician stands on their hind legs and proposes that millions be spent on making the whole population fart.

    What say we arrange to have a huge flush* of "celebrities" take a flying televised leap off Beachy Head? Maybe the current crop of politicians will follow ...

    * new collective noun for "celebrities".

    ** May I suggest "skid mark" as the new collective noun for politicians?

  5. Anonymous1:55 PM

    As someone who very much enjoys swimming, but cannot stand dancing (although I would vigorously defend the rights of those who do enjoy this activity to continue doing so) I fully agree with you, 'Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells'. I would make this additional point, however, which is that many who swim enjoy doing so in rivers, lakes and other open water. Yet, far from encouraging this activity, the reaction by Nanny's prodnoses in the health and safety 'industry' not to mention those in local government, seems to be that open water swimming is on a par with paedophilia!!

  6. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I do encourage any of you who wish, to take up ballrom dancing - but for goodness' sake not to please this blasted government.

    Not that any of you wish to please them; in fact with this one exception, if what we are doing makes them happy, we are almost certainly on the wrong track.

    You are unlikely to lose much weight. The Strictly contestants who do are, after all, training five or six hours a day. Few can put that sort of time into jigging.

    I can promise you better muscle tone, stronger bones, and better coordination. I can also promise you that for the few minutes of each dance, you cannot spare a single thought for the asses presently in office.

    Even strong drink cannot do that unless you absorb enough to fall unconscious.

  7. Only if they are the correct dances, of course. If they are inappropriate, they will be banned. Just ask Brighton & Hove Council