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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scum! - II

The scum in ZaNuLabour is rising to the surface again:

"Whitehall sources unleashed an extraordinary salvo at Christopher Galley, the civil servant who leaked to Mr Green but was also freed from the threat of criminal prosecution.

One labelled him a 'complete loser'. Claiming that he had used a term from Star Trek as a computer log-in, an insider said: “That says it all, doesn’t it. The guy was a laughing stock

Source The Times

Clearly the death rattle of a dieing (or is it dying?...a tad the worse for wear this morning:)) administration.

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  1. Lord of Atlantis12:11 PM

    This tells us far more about nuLabour than it does about either Mr Green or Mr Galley, both of whom are to be commended for their actions. By the way, please remind me, why exactly was the Labour Party organised back at the beginning of the last century?

  2. The civil service(sic) are supposed to be impartial, of course we know they are not....They seem to have a common purpose that supports Labour and hates the Conservatives. The problem is that these faceless civil servants infest all levels of government from local authorities right up to the most important central government offices. They often in my opinion, as in the case of Poole Council, work behind the scenes to make the elected Conservatives look silly or their friends in Labour look good.
    The civil service, along with the BBC, only appear to recruit through the Guardian, in times of supposed recession, look on the Guardian's job pages under public sector jobs, there are hundreds, all with nice extras that we are all paying for and will continue to pay for, for years to come. Sadly though, most of these posts are for positions that add no value; diversity officers, 'elf'n'safety officers etc etc.

  3. Grant8:23 PM

    We live in interesting times.

    This found on a wall in Edinburgh apparently.

    I will be looking in the Grauniad next week for vacancies related to Wall Monitoring Officers and Hibernian Habitat Hirelings.

  4. "or is it dying?...a tad the worse for wear this morning:)"

    "Dying," I think. Ken have you been over-consuming your alloted units of Victory Gin on a Friday evening again? You know how severely Nanny disapproves.

  5. Dixon of Dock Green11:50 AM

    Have I missed much?

    I see that the Boys in Black managed to cover themselves in disgrace during the G20 disturbances, whilst attempting to protect Brown's waste of £50m to boost his ego/poll ratings.

  6. Gordon McStalin8:30 AM

    Dixon, you have not been missed we have been tracking your every move. Expect a nice visit and some 'gentle persuasion' from your friendly neighbourhood stormtrooper as soon as we have finished hiding all the evidence of our little 'misunderstandings in civil enforecement' at the Obama show.

    Gordon and all the 'boys' at National Socialist Nu Labour HQ