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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Scum! - III

I would like to offer Nanny, or rather more precisely ZaNuLabour, a little piece of advice; lest they be tempted to continue down the road of spreading malicious rumours via websites and compliant media organs (I note that the Sunday Mirror yesterday had a frontpage headline about various Tory MPs and a call girl, how ironic that came out within days of Smeargate!).

Anyhoo, my advice is as follows...the danger of spreading malicious rumours is that this rather odious tactic (or is it strategy?) can be used against the spreader.

For example there is a particularly juicy rumour, that has been doing the rounds for several years now, about a certain very senior ZaNuLabour MP (who may, or may not, be in the cabinet).

The rumour says that this MP, when he was a student had a run in with the Old Bill over a rather unfortunate "incident" in a public toilet...I am far too polite to go into details as to what the "incident" was.

Now whilst I can attest to the fact that this rumour really does exist, and really has been doing the rounds for quite a few years, I cannot attest to whether it is true or not.

For all I know it is complete tosh, and a fabrication.

The trouble with rumours is that they tend to stick, even if they are tosh.

I am far too nice a guy to name the MP, but ZaNuLabour might want to reflect on the fact that if they continue to spread muck some of it might come flying back at them.

Have a nice Monday everyone!:)

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  1. Of course Ken, the biggest rumour that Zanu Labour have spread around that has been proven to be completely false, is that they are a competent government, that is looking after the interests of our nation and our population.....Utter tosh!!

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:09 PM

    I quite agree with you, Tonk! I would not trust this shower to organise a booze up in a brewery!

  3. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Lies, smears, disinformation all that we have come to know and love from Lady Mandelscum and Zanulabor.

    The sooner this filth is hosed from Westminster the better.

  4. The fact that no-one could be worse doesn't mean that anyone else is going to be much better. Not by the looks of things at the moment, at least.

  5. Sir Maxwell Clifford7:23 AM

    These rumours have been going around in political and media circles for some time. Of course, they may be just malacious gossip, but Andrew Marr had to retract the statements from his latest book under threat of a lawsuit. Thanks to the internety thing the 'offending passages' were able to be viewed. As I say, they may be just malacious gossip about the sexual relationship twixt a very senior politician of Scottish descent and limited eyesight and a chap known to have been removed from government twice and is now back in the Lords.

    Far be it from me to spread such rumours as afer all that would be a very nasty and Nu Labour thing to do.

  6. Dixon of Dock Green8:11 AM

    O/T but I see our Boys in Black have been bullying innocent Austrian tourists.

  7. Dixon of Dock Green8:15 AM

    PS Message to the New Labour smear machine:

    I'd much rather have our politicians indulging in kinky sex and screwing prostitutes in their own time than indulging in kinky government and screwing us in ours.

  8. Number 69:22 AM

    Evening all, your ID cards please.
    Ah, the police wonderful instruments of Zanulabor's policies. Protest about fox hunting, get your head kicked in, protest about Brown's vanity double act with Obama, get your head kicked in, hurl abuse at returing British soliders (as part of your religious duty as a good muslim) and get a nice police escort to safety.

    I agree with the old lefties now coppers are "fascist tools of the establishment" still can't bring myslef to add 'man' to the end of the statement though.

  9. @DoDG your comment made me laugh hard. i think we're all missing the point though. The Smeargate has been part and parcel of british politics from the very beginning as has homosexual wiff waff between backbenchers (no pun intended)
    Rumours spread faster than fact and are much more interesting not that i condone it at all. i think its a waste of the publics time and isn't worth all the column inches that it has garnered.