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Monday, April 06, 2009

The Bleeding Obvious - How to waste Money

What The Fark!
Nanny's chums in Scotland have discovered another way of wasting taxpayers' money, by publishing a 140 page "diversity handbook" and distributing it to 7000 members of the police.

Nothing wrong with that, in theory, if the book contains some genuine insights and addresses known issues that are negatively impacting policing then it may well be money well spent.

The trouble is the book does not contain anything useful, and is merely a list of bleedin' obvious; points that your mum would have told you when you were a child; eg:

- "Don't lean on a disabled person's wheelchair".

- "Don't cover your mouth when talking to a lip reader".

- "Don't stare".

- "Don't ask a person with a facial disfigurement what happened".

These little pearls of wisdom (which mum would have told you as a kid), gleaned from consulting 75 different groups, cost the taxpayer £5K.

This daft waste of money implies that those running Scotland's police forces have little respect for the commonsense and abilities of the officers on the beat.

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  1. Tonk.1:18 PM

    Given that most Coppers are young people, one could argue that, such a publication is an indictment on our education system under Labour; Most of these coppers would have been victims of Labour's education system and therefore having to tell them things that are so obvious to most of us, suggests their education has failed.

  2. Offitzer Dixon Auf Der Green5:43 PM

    Rule number 1
    Do not judge socially and economically disadvantaged yoof in the same way as the middle class tax payer.

    To rephraseDon't waste time dealing with real crims (who are normally on the dole and don't have any money) just harrass and fine the law abiding citizens.

  3. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Im embarrassed to say that it strikes me that MacNanny might be even worse than her English counterpart. Driving to Glasgow recently I became ever more exasperated by the inanity of the signs on the A/M74 telling me to 'drive carefully' and to 'pull over after overtaking' (but then, I suppose I had decided to live dangerously by driving in the outside lane at 50mph and pulling over without looking to see if someone had 'undertaken' me...)

    BTW why does The Independent seem to be the only paper to report the implementation of Directive 2006/24/EC?


  4. This daft waste of money implies that those running Scotland's police forces have little respect for the commonsense and abilities of the officers on the beat.

    Probably for the simple reason that there is little or no common sense or abilities to respect. After all, we're talking about cops here.

    Still, if they absolutely had to waste stolen taxpayer money on "training" (this assumes that any cop can be "trained" at all), why not use it to develop a course of instruction that's actually beneficial to the citizens? How about a course that centers on recognition of real crimes - i.e., acts of violence committed specifically against citizens or their property, which is the ostensible reason for these tax parasites' existence? Yes, I know, a silly rhetorical question.

    BTW, 5K quid is a drop in the bucket where wasted taxpayer money is concerned. It seems strange that they didn't hire some overpriced "diversity consultants" from elsewhere in the country or even from overseas in order to lard the budget for the effort. The Scottish appropriations bureaucracies must be suffering from a dearth of larcenous liars with creative writing skills.

  5. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Is this 'diversity' not a bit odd? where is the mention of the institutional racism and all the anti white stuff?