Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

LA Fitness States The Bleedin' Obvious

WetnessWhy does my local LA Fitness feel the need to to warn me, via a big yellow warning cone, that the floor of the showers is wet?

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  1. Tonk.3:33 PM

    Has Nanny got a minister for the bleedin' obvious.

    Until people say a big NO to 'elf'n'safety jobsworth dictators, they will continue to force stupid rules and regulations on us.....

  2. Pretty much because people are dumb. If they dont put that up then some idiot will fall and sue them.

  3. In the interests of unbiased, impartial reporting, I'd like to point out that my branch of David Lloyd also does this. Sometimes the cone gets moved to the corridor between the showers and the swimming pools. Who'd have thought the floor in this area could also be wet?

    I have also wondered what the point is and if there really are people stupid and/or litigious enough to require these signs. When I've been in a suitably facetious mood I have been tempted to ask the staff but I'm always put off by the thought that I can probably guess the answer and if they trot out the 'elf & safety line, it would annoy me more than the sight of the yellow plastic insult to my intelligence.

  4. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I propose a new branch of Her Majesterial Police Force entirely dedicated to dealing with litigious Darwin-dodgers who's compensation-seeking activities are the root cause of nonsense such as this signage.

    I propose, popularly, that said branch of police be paid for by a new tax set at 100% of the goods and chattels of litigious Darwin-dogers.

    NB., good and chattels to include the LDD's partner, children, pets and aged relatives (to be valued as sex-workers, chimney sweeps, guide dogs and Soylent Green).

    This new branch of the police force would, upon hearing of a stupid "compensation" claim, drag the plaintiff onto the crossroads or village green nearest their home and gently kick them to death a bit.

    Staff for the new branch could be syphoned off from the regulars, voluntarily or as an extension of anger management courses and/or slips of the truncheon in public.

  5. archroy9:55 AM

    "Darmin-dodgers" - brilliant!

  6. archroy9:56 AM


  7. There is a sign like that in our shower room at work. The other day, someone had been a bit enthusiastic and the place was ankle deep in water. One of the cleaning staff is reported to have taken one look and muttered "That's not a slippery floor, it's a f***ing water feature!".

  8. I have been a member of LA FITNESS for quite some time but this applies to any gym.

    I want to ask... what is your gym doing to prevent the spread of the flu.. The LA Fitness I have used for 15 years or so has done nothing different - maybe less. Because the Gym environment is a perfect breeding ground I think they owe their patrons a higher standard. What say YOU?