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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Happy Easter everyone!

Please make sure that you annoy Nanny by overindulging this Easter; by eating vast quantities of chocolate, and drinking humongous amounts of booze etc.

Have it large!


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  1. Number 611:28 AM

    Happy Easter to you and your family Ken. Keep up the good Nanny bashing after the eggs and booze have been enjoyed.

    Not one for the choclate myself but the missus and kids have a splendid array of eggs, raning from Cadbury cremes to Belgium posh ones.

    Ale and wine is laid on for the 'gentleman and ladies who partake' and a heartflet bollocks to socialist nannies who seek to tell me and my family how to live our lives at this time, or indeed any other time, of the year.

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:06 PM

    To you as well, Ken, all the best!

  3. And happy Easter to you and yours!