Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brown's Bankrupt Britain

Brown's Bankrupt Britain
We're skint!

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  1. Still our Great Dear Leader insists on throwing money at other countries, including those that hate us!!

    Picture the scene; You are up to your arse in debt, you have no real income and your outgoings far exceed your income.....You go to your bank manager and ask for a huge loan that you can't afford to pay and when he asks what you want it for, you say that you want to give it to charity......Do you think his reply is likely to be a type of Russian word ending in Off? I do!!

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    It is called socialism in action - we earn the money they take it and spunk it away. Brown in a good comrade for the EUSSR and burying Britain is part of his agenda.

    Watch him slime off to Brussels for his place at the gold plated trough when the election is over.

    Amazingly, there are still those among us who think we are better off in the EU. Of course we are if our names are Kinnock, Mandelson etc etc etc.

  3. Julius Caesar2:20 PM

    Thank you, Gordon, we, the British people, are SO glad we've had the 'pleasure' of having you as Prime Minister!

  4. Brown is now proclaiming "local jobs and houses for local people", so would somebody please point out to him that his locality is way north of the border.

  5. Speenzman7:07 PM

    "Local jobs and houses for local people"

    My nanny state hating posterior! I am a trained film archivist and the BFI's preservation centre in Berkhamsted is less than a handful of stops up on the train. Can I get a job there? Can I fark! You see in these wonderful times of economic prosperity that Gordon Brown has brought about the people who leave the BFI tend not to get replaced, their responsibilities just get thinned out amongst the remaining staff, the same is happening at the BBC. At this rate the BBC and the BFI will actually consist of one man in a wooden shack with a telephone, a computer and a bare lightbulb. I am also having to do loads of volunteer work since I went straight from school to college and then straight from college to university since we are always being told that qualifications are good. I have two master's degrees but no real experience on the shop floor so to speak. Therefore people who have workplace experience but are infinitely less qualified tend to get the better jobs because they have an established work history within the industry. Of course that was when it was possible to actually get a half decent job in the industry because there was money there for actually creating jobs and paying salaries so they could actually get a 'first' job, establish a work history and become known in the profession. Now without funding staff contracts can't be renewed and certainly new jobs can't be instigated. I should mention the BFI has closed down it's entire cataloguing department now. So there are no jobs and no breaks for fully qualified people lacking real workplace experience such as myself which means that, as a volunteer (I am not, like some young chavvy scum, just sitting on my nanny state hating posterior here skiving off the state), I do not actually get a salary. This means that Gordon Brown can build as many houses as he likes around here but it won't make the slightest difference to me because not only will I not be able to get a mortgage any time soon but I am also saddled with student debt. Cheers Gordon.

    Of course I was under the belief the idea was you studied and learnt your trade, got qualifications and then found a job. What job?

    Phew, sorry about that, I feel a little better now! Rant over. I'd feel even better if I could poke New Labour in their collective eyes though! Needless to say they will not be getting my vote whenever they deign to hold an election!

  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Would someone point out to Brown that so long as we remain in the EU, he can't say no to anyone from the 'EU superstate' (and that includes aanyone from the third world who now has an 'EU passport, moving here and demanding a house on the council as an 'EU citizen.'