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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Dangers of Washing Lines

Washing Line
Now that summer seems to be finally on its way, there will be many Brits preparing to take their holidays in caravan sites across the country.

Woe betide them if they go to Sheerness Holiday Park and attempt to erect (can I say erect?) a washing line. Nanny's health and safety Gestapo have recently decreed that rotary washing lines are dangerous and, as such, managers at the site have banned them.

Donna Hough, site manager, said that lines posed a danger for playing children.

In fact Park Holidays UK, which runs the site, has banned rotary lines in all its sites in the UK.

Precisely how many people have impaled/hung themselves on a rotary washing line?

There are gazillions of these in use in people's homes across the country, are they really so dangerous?

Surely the use of bottled gas (often used in caravans for cooking) is far more dangerous?

What about the very real threat of Margaret Beckett rolling up in her caravan, does that constitute a threat to people's health and safety?

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  1. I have a rotary drier in my garden.....I am just of to buy the right hazzard warning signs in case anyone visits me!!

    We are fast becoming a nation of scaredy cats; The time is rapidly approaching when, at birth, we will be fitted with our id chip and have our cottonwool made to measure suit fitted.

  2. Having lived in a seaside town and seen many of the types of people who frequent such campsites and holiday parks I say let the buggers hang themselves. At least the gene pool would get a good cleaning out then.

  3. Lord of Atlantis2:57 PM

    Give me strength! Just how did we avoid serious injury and / or death before these jobsworths took it upon themselves as their God-given divine right to save us from ourselves? If this carries on, this society will be totally safe, but totally sterile!

  4. smithy4:45 PM

    I hope I don't upset my anti-nanny friends by saying that I actually have a list of things that should be banned:-

    - Guns.
    - Uniforms.
    - Spanking clean hard-hats.
    - Clipboards.
    - Any kind of political title.

    Give a human being any one of the above and they become so bloody important inside their woolly little heads...

  5. Did you spot that the British Library has banned step-ladders just in case someone injures them-selves.
    I suppose they have only been using them for 400 years and thousands and thoudands have been badly hurt so they had to go. Or are the health'n safety brigade morons. A Freedom of information request might find out the real risk.