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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Doctor is In

The Doctor is In
Those of you who are fed up with the waiting lists to see doctors and dentists could consider becoming a traveller.

Nanny has advised primary health care trusts to fast track travellers above other patients.

Seemingly, under race laws, gypsies and travellers are defined as minority ethnic groups and the NHS is obliged to consider their special needs and circumstances.

The irony is that no other ethnic group receives such special treatment.

The Department of Health is quoted in The Mail:

"This should not be to the detriment of service provision to the settled community."

So that's alright then?

No it's not alright, the NHS just about manages to "function" with the exponential demand for its services by rationing them. Rationing only works if everyone is treated equally.

This is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. Ken,

    True Romany Gypsies are a different race to the white British however, most of the "travellers" that we see in this country are not.
    I would suggest that the term traveller, as used in this country, is actually a life style choice and nothing to do with race.
    I see many of the "travellers" have been setting up permanent sites over the bank holiday weekends when the planning departments are closed, surely when they have a permanent camp they cease to be travellers as, by definition, they are not travelling.

    In my opinion, and I am sure many of Nanny's chums will shout racist; Don't they always? I feel most of our travellers just choose to live the way they do because it suits them....They want to take advantage of all the benefits that society offers and just not contribute to the coomon good of the nation. It seems strange that local councils will pursue people for putting lost cat posters up or a child throwing a single sweet wrapper from a car, but fail to pursue travellers that leave behind scrap once they move on.....Then again, the traveller might give nanny a hard time if she went after them; far easier to go after the soft general public!! Kerching!!

  2. microdave11:24 AM

    I can just see it now - vigilante groups lying in wait, outside surgeries....

    Yet more ammunition for the government to bring in their emergency powers.

    Mind you, if the nurse at our surgery looked like that I would consider becoming a traveller!

  3. Lord of Atlantis12:08 PM

    Well said, Tonk, I have a great deal of respect for genuine Romany gipsies but, the majority of
    'travellers' are nothing of the sort. You also forgot to mention that a lot of them pay no income tax. doing 'cash in hand' work nor even council tax on their permanent sites.

  4. Julius Caesar12:30 PM

    You forgot to mention, Tonk, that these so-called 'travellers' seem reluctant to pay tax as well, the work they do being 'cash in hand'. Surely this policy, which I do not recall the Labour party drawing to our attention prior to being re-elected, is blatant discrimination against the majority of people in this country? If it had been the other way round, there would have been an outcry from the anti-racist lobby, so why is there such a deafening silence from them?
    This sort of thing explains why the BNP are gaining ground in British politics, as more and more people become fed up with being crapped on by the main parties. You can see the scene now: "Sorry, we cannot see you even though you are a war veteran or a pensioner as all the appointments have been given to travellers." Far from creating harmonious relations between the majority of the people and minorities, this sort of thing will simply lead to a great deal of trouble.

  5. Tonk.4:31 PM

    Lord of Atlantis
    Julius Caesar

    I agree with both of you.
    I see that a local police authority(sic) have spent a couple of thousand pounds on a party for travellers in order to improve relationships between the police and the travellers.....You couldn't make it up.

    There does seem to be one set of laws for "travellers" and indeed many other of Nanny's pet groups, and a completely different set for the rest of us. I suspect the reason for this is that most ordinary people roll over and take Nanny's crazy rules and regulation without question and indeed pay the fines whereas, those of many of the other groups won't play ball with her so she takes the line of least resistance.

  6. Sarah6:35 AM

    So aside from this objection to injust preferential treatment of "travelers" would you say the system is equal or fair?

  7. Tonk.9:35 AM


    If by the system you mean the NHS, then on the whole, given the resticted resourses at its disposal, I would say the NHS is fair; Sure, there are issues surrounding availibility of treatment within certain post codes and there are issues regarding NICE's lack of approval of certain treatments but, in my view, people expect too much from the NHS. When it was set up in 1948, it was designed to give people a free at sourse access to a basic healthcare service. People now expect the NHS to provide everything from basic dietry advice through to IVF and gender reassignment operations. People will also go to see the doctor for very minor complaints that, prior to 1948, would have been treated at home having taken advice from older relatives. The expectation of people towards the NHS has indeed snowballed. I think the NHS is a great thing but I do not feel it is sustainable in its present guise.

    If by the system you mean Nanny's relationship to the general population, then I feel you have missed the point of this site, which more than hints at the possibility that the system in this context is flawed.