Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I take it that I am not alone in being appalled to read that the police have allegedly been waterboarding criminal suspects.

How on earth have we come to this state of affairs?

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  1. Ken, you ask;

    "How on earth have we come to this state of affairs?"

    The answer is simple; An authoritarian labour government and their nasty home secretaries.

  2. Is dunking someone's head in a bucket of water quite the same as waterboarding? However, I agree that if the allegations are true they are appalling. Having been involved in civil liberties matters for half a century, though, I am not as amazed as too many naive folk always are when these incidents of official brutality emerge.

    The answer, Ken, is that once the rule of law is abandoned for the sake of expediency, as it has been by both the US and British governments at least since 9/11, we are on a slippery slope whose only end is totalitarianism. As you probably know, ex-ambassador Craig Murray has been making an almost single-handed fuss about UK collusion in torture. One of his former colleagues, Charles Crawford, attempts on his blog to excuse it on pragmatic grounds, but I think this one of the few issues on which there can be no compromise between black and white.

    Until so-called democracies resume practising and enforcing humane standards, instead of merely paying hypocritical lip-service to them, things will go from bad to worse.

  3. on the run1:28 PM

    "How on earth have we come to this state of affairs?"

    monkey see monkey do

  4. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Similar torture can be expected from Tasers.

  5. Anonymous7:05 AM

    "How on earth have we come to this state of affairs?" You put thugs normally found screaming abuse on the terraces of a football stadium or spewing up in the gutter on a Saturday night in a uniform and call them policeman. You do not give them any training that enforces their role as law enforcement officers and teach them instead that they are the law. You then pay them well enough to ensure that they will do whatever you tell them to without question. Along the way you continually reinforce the message that everyone is guilty of something and that there is no such thing as an innocent bystander. The British police force were never intended to protect civil society, they were created to protect the property rights of the rich and influential. They have no tradition of protecting ordinary people whom their masters regard with contempt.

  6. "How on earth have we come to this state of affairs?"
    The cops are paid too much and wear a peaked cap too often. They have become resentful of their masters, they are are behaving like spoilt children.
    This resession will sort them out, the same as the other public servants. They face pay cuts and a capping of their 'Gold-plated' pensions. They will have to get out of their 'squat' cars and put the 'titty' hats back on their heads.