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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Won't Somone Think of The Children? II

I see that Nanny, as child centred as ever, has found another way to ban adults from the adult world so that Nanny's precious children can "roam free" without ever having to mix with adults or obey their rules.

A group of pensioners (over 50's to be precise) from Eye (near Peterborough) have been holding regular coffee mornings each week in their local library for the last 4 years.

So far so good!

Now children, can you guess what happened next?

Yes, that's right Nanny has now banned them from having their coffee mornings.

Can you guess for why?

Health and Safety!

It seems that a toddler group now also uses the library, and Nanny (from Peterborough City Council) has decreed that the health and safety risk of a pensioner (note the coffee mornings are open to all who are over 50) spilling hot coffee on a toddler is just too great.

The toddlers started using the library a few weeks ago, and under Nanny's child centric policies must have priority over all adults. The irony is that the coffee drinking part of the coffee morning is actually over before the toddlers arrive.

The solution is simple, and obvious, ban the children from coming in to the library at the same time as the adults.

Nanny insists that all policy in the country is "child centric", it is high time that Nanny realised that this country should be run for the benefit of the adults not the children.

BTW, this is of course a Tory council!

Here's David Cameron's email to tell him what you think:

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  1. I would have thought there was more of a danger to the pensioners from the children rather than vice versa, as the kids are bound to be running around out of control, remember you mustn't tell a child no in Nanny's child focused utopia must you? It is more likely that a child running around or crawling under tables etc would trip one of the old folks up.

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I've never understood this fascist imperative to "love the little ones". In my humble opinion an extremely high proportion of the population effectively die about six months before the birthing of First Sprog and only begin to make partial recovery some thirty years after birthing of Final Sprog.

    Yesterday I was treated to the most incredible example of how these alien grubs exercise mind control over previously healthy, previously human, hosts:

    Father to yearling child - 'Have you got a runny nose? Who's a clever boy! Yes, ooh, look at this...'

    Not "ugh, this weevil is diseased, please keep it away from me" or even just a wordless vomit, no, praise for a cascade of snot and uncontrolled germ-launching coughing.

    I maintain that if it weren't for children using them as hosts the lifespan of individual members of the human race would be virtually indefinite.

    Apart from that I have no strong opinions on the subject at all. I don't even like children when they're expertly cooked and served with salad.

  3. I think we should arm pensioners in general and then see who comes out on top..

  4. Julius Caesar2:33 PM

    I am not anti-child, indeed, if there were suddenly no children the human race would become extinct very quickly. However, I do object very strongly to having other people's children and their activities forced upon me. Therefore, I agree with the comments made on this subject by both Tonk and W.S.Badfellowe.

    I find the behaviour of this council, especially bearing in mind it's supposed to be a Conservative council, utterly abhorrent. These tossers seem to have forgotten that, if it hadn't been for the sacrifices made by the pensioners when they were younger, these children would probably not have been born. These loathsome jobsworths make me sick.

  5. Julius Caesar2:36 PM

    Forgot to say, Cameron made a great speech the other day, about how he would restore the freedoms lost under nuLabour, if he becomes prime minister. In my opinion, he needs to sort his own councils out first! If he doesn't do so, he leaves himself open to the charge of being a hypocrite.

  6. Anonymous5:50 PM

    There must be a secret place where they have their common sense removed.

    Utter bawbags (Scottish term for scrotum)...

  7. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Yet - it was perfectly okay when they banned the filthy smokers based on dodgy science claiming second-hand-smoke harm. You wanted smoke bans, so now get used to the rest. That bit of tobacco aroma in the air was the smell of freedom, but no more. Problem, Reaction, Solution - works every time, like a charm. One manufactured prejudice leads to another leads to another, problems solved - health, safety and security for the children insured - into perpetuity.