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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bonfire of The Numpties

FireworksHere we are again folks, tis Guy Fawkes night!


As expected, Nanny's anti firework and anti bonfire brigade are doing their level best to put the mockers on this fine event (celebrating a really bright bloke who wanted to get rid of all the politicians of his day!...that's the idea isn't?).

I am sad to see that the year on year negative publicity spewed out by Nanny has so worn down the organisers at Ilfracombe Rugby Club, that they can't even be bothered to ask their council for permission to have a bonfire.

Instead, put off by the "mountain" of paperwork and regulations set by council chiefs, they have opted to have a "virtual" bonfire!

Seemingly a real fire would have required five qualified fire marshals, and metal barricades to keep people at a safe distance.

The "virtual" bonfire will use giant heaters, lighting, sounds of crackling wood and a smoke machine to give the impression of a fire.

There will at least be some real fireworks (this year anyway).

So ends another fine British tradition, worn down by endless paperwork and nit picking bureaucracy.

Have it large tonight folks!

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  1. Julius Caesar11:18 AM

    Whilst I can understand the frustrations felt by Ilfracombe Rugby Club which forced them into this decision, it's a great pity they didn't just say "up yours, and stuff you!" or words to that effect to these 'elf'n'safety fascists, and carry on regardless.
    I can actually think of a use for the latter: it's a three letter word beginning with g and ending in y!

  2. smithy11:58 AM

    There was a huge bonfire in the centre of London, in 1834 - nowt to do with Guy Fawkes, but the Houses of Parliament burned down !

    Here is an article I found about it:-

    'They say a week is a long time in politics. So after 175 years, you would probably expect some dramatic changes.

    But one theme still remains from 1834. Politicians were about as unpopular then as they are now.

    When an awesome fire ripped through the Palace of Westminster on 16 October of that year, a gleeful crowd whooped and cheered as fire burned the vast majority of the building to the ground.

    One diarist of the time caught the mood: "The crowd was rather pleased than otherwise; whistling when the breeze came as if to encourage it; 'There's a flare-up for the House of Lords.' 'A judgment for the Poor Law Bill!', 'There go their acts!'. Such exclamations seemed to be the prevailing ones. A man sorry I did not anywhere see." '


  3. Number 612:22 PM

    Just went to buy some sparklers for the kids at my local Co Op. The nice old dear behind the counter told me that they don't sell fireworks anymore "something to do with the environment, luv."

    Oh well, if it was not that bullshit it would be the health and safety bullshit. I do, however, have a nice selection of Standard fireworks for tonight, the bonfire is set the sausages will be cooked (with absolutely no care if the smell offends a passing mooselimb's religious rights) the whisky Macs will be consumed in front of the kids and with no health warning given to them and the guy called DavidGordonNick is ready to get his arse roasted. All I need (apart from the sparklers) is a ringpiece of stars EU flag to tie around the traitourous bastard's scrawny neck.

  4. Not to worry.

    They'll just ban the whole of Bonfire Nightli under anti-terror legislation.

    It's satire now, but you just wait . .


  5. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Perhaps instead of effigies one should rush to burn the real-thing while there's still time remaining before bonfires are banned. Do the pols sit locked behind gated doors on bonfire night in fear such a thing might happen, perhaps.

  6. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I'm going to stick my V for Vendetta DVD on and fantasise that the end is real.