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Monday, March 08, 2010

Bingo Halls In Decline, Stats Show

The traditional bingo hall of old, which entertained so many of us, young or old, could be a thing of the past much sooner than anyone thought, with figures revealing a big decline in halls and attendance. On the other hand, online bingo sites have seen a major incline in users.

According to official government statistics published in the Daily Mail, the number of bingo halls in the UK has fallen from 650 in 1997 to only 460 this year, representing a drop of 29 per cent. In contrast to this, the prevalence of casinos on the high street is on an upswing, having risen by 27 per cent over the same period of time to stand at 140.

One bingo hall to suffer and be shut down is Walkers Bingo Club in Wednesbury. This veteran venue has been serving its community's bingo needs for more than 30 years but will no longer open its gates.

There have been several reasons quoted for this decline. According to inside sources, the smoking ban had a major effect driving many players to stay at home and pursue online bingo on the internet. These websites offer patrons a complete experience including many types of bingo games, live chats and various types of free scratch cards or instant games.

The increased competition from the web with better offers and jackpots has swept away more potential players than ever before. It has become very common to see TV advertising for online bingo sites which has contributed to the increase in public awareness, even among the older generation who are not well acquainted with using computers.

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