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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dangers of Cheese

I am sad to read the news, but not surprised (in fact more surprised that Nanny hasn't stopped this event before), that the Cooper's Hill annual cheese rolling event has been cancelled.

For why?

Health and safety!

Seemingly Nanny is worried about the number of people that turn up to the event.

Isn't it odd how dictatorships and Nanny both hate people congregating in groups?

Anyhoo, the local police and council didn't like the idea that 15,000 people may turn up (as they did last year), and so the event has been cancelled.

Cheese rolling had, until Nanny came along, been staged at Cooper's Hill for around 400 years.

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  1. Number of voters that turned out to vote for the winning Conservative councillor (NOAKES Elizabeth Ann) on 5th. May 2005......1,286.

    Number of people that turn up to watch cheeses being rolled down a hill............15,000.

  2. microdave12:47 PM

    Definitely an element of "Silly Walks" there!

    Do we know if it really was cancelled? I only ask as this was posted on another site and someone replied that the "cancelling due to HSE" is quoted every year, and is really an urban myth.

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I wonder how exactly they dictate how many people can safely be at an event anyhow?

    Is it number of coppers vs punters?

    I remember visiting footy matches as a wee boy where there seemed to be more police than plebs. Strangely, it didn't make me feel any safer, especially when our lovely boys in blue started hammering their riot shields with their truncheons.

  4. Tonk.1:20 PM

    Nanny doesn't only hate people coming together in groups, she really hates people having fun....You see, if people have fun, without Nanny supplying it, people may actually realise they don't need Nanny....Nanny often uses another technique to get events cancelled; She imposes crazy conditions in relation to insurances, policing costs and risk assessments....These usually make the would be organisers decide to go ahead with their event is too much hastle.

  5. Tonk: Surprise, surprise, one of the reasons it has been cancelled is because the difficulties arranging the public liability insurance.

  6. Tonk.2:50 PM

    I'm not surprised...We had a local raft race cancelled due to Local Nanny's conditions relating to Policing, public liability insurance and a large number of qualified lifeguards being required...This event was organised by the local scouts and had been going for decades and of course, their had never been any injuries nor deaths during that time.....Give someone a hi viz jacket and a clipboard and the perceived power goes to their head.

  7. Tonk.2:52 PM


    Their should have read there.....I must correct myself as I know the spelling/grammar police read this blog!! ;-)

  8. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Number of people that vote in Big Brother is more than number who vote in election. Country gets the government it deserves.

  9. Archroy5:13 PM

    I think I might just shade this one to Nanny. 15,000 people turning up at a site on a very sloping field with no facilities for crowds might be a bit of a problem.

    Now if there were more cheese-rolling events, we could all go to our local one and not have to go in a huge mob to Gloucestershire.

    Could be a problem cheese-rolling in Norfolk.

  10. microdave7:07 PM

    Labour's "motto" - Find out what people enjoy, and stop them from doing it...

  11. Julius Caesar1:34 PM

    Since cheese rolling at Cooper's Hill is now illegal (no doubt with
    draconian punishments for disobeying Nanny's dictats on the matter)how about a new sport for the 21st century: 'elf 'n' safety killjoys and council jobsworths rolling' down a suitable hill?

  12. Lord of Atlantis1:45 PM

    This is just typical of the jobsworths and killjoys infesting the elf'n'safety industry. There are a lot of sports which are far more dangerous than cheese rolling, such as football, Rugby, mountain climbing etc. I am not for one moment suggesting that these should be banned, far from it, but in my opinion, a lot of these people are bullies, and it's easy to pick on a relatively small group such as cheese rollers, for example. However, most bullies are cowards, so they will take little or no action against sports such as the ones I have mentioned, which have a large following, who might turn 'nasty' if they (elf'n'safety) were to shove their unwanted snouts into the way these games are conducted. This also explains why they take little or no action against the carnage on the roads. No, they prefer 'easy' victims, such as cheese rollers or those who like myself enjoy swimming in rivers and lakes.