Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Power Corrupts - HMRC

HMRC are to be given powers to secretly open people's private mail.

Read more here HMRC Is Shite.

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  1. Lord of Atlantis2:25 PM

    Yet more snooping by 'Big Brother'. Isn't this the sort of thing that went on in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, and still does in various dictatorships around the world? At one time, I believe, it was a criminal offence to open private mail. Funny, I haven't heard the issue debated in parliament?

  2. Tonk.4:09 PM

    Guilty until proven innocent....I think the revenue and Labour should start flying the revenue's original flag....A fist squeezing blood from a stone!!

    Now before any visiting yes sheep quote the, "If you've nothing to hide....." mantra of Labour Drones....I have nothing to hide, I am just fed up with having to prove I have nothing to hide all the time!!!!!

  3. microdave4:37 PM

    And even if you HAVE got something to hide??

    Lets face it the bastards trying to run our lives have got enough skeletons under their collective beds....

    Isn't there some wording in Royal Mails contract about delivering mail without tampering?

  4. Well the chances are that they pretty much have access to all there is to know about me already, what with email and stuff.

    If they could take the spam post I could be quite supportive of the concept.

    Maybe there is an opportunity here. Tamper proof envelopes anyone? Or are they to be allowed to be blatant about it, not caring whether or not you know your privacy has been invaded?

    Blatant seems to be the 21st century way as far as politicians are concerned.

    I assume this is another EU diktat being presented as good social policy to combat some mostly non-existent 'crime'.

    What a world we build for those who will follow us.

  5. The main difference between the trailer that you posted for 1984, and the situation as it currently exists, is that in the real world you are unlikely ever to run across a government bureaucrat as intelligent, effective, and insightful as O' Brien, which probably accounts for those few small, vesitgal freedoms we still retain.

  6. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:57 PM

    Lord of Atlantis said:

    "At one time, I believe, it was a criminal offence to open private mail. Funny, I haven't heard the issue debated in parliament?"

    But the Revenue have always given the finger to Parliament. They have massive extra-legal powers.

    Tonk said:

    "Guilty until proven innocent..."

    That's what a tax inspector told me thirty years ago - nowt new there :-(

    Microdave said:

    "Isn't there some wording in Royal Mails contract about delivering mail without tampering?"

    Not when the interests of the Government and/or Establishment are perceived to benefit.

    Never forget, in the brave new world of Airstrip One nothing is more important than money, especially Government and corporate revenues. That's why criminal offences involving money, when committed by the "ordinary man that is, attract heavier penalties than for violence against the person, often exceeding the tariff for murder.

    This is only the beginning. Be afraid, be VERY afraid.