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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nanny Wants Thicker Chips

Well now, here is a Nanny scheme that in theory I could almost buy into.

Nanny's chumps (sorry, chums) in the Food Standards Agency (FSA) are concerned that thin chips absorb more fat than thick chips.

As such they are campaigning for chunkier chips to be produced.

In theory this is an excellent idea, the thin reconstituted "potato type" reheated shite (aka "fries"), offered by certain fast food chains and "restaurants", are an abomination and have zero taste/sensuality in the mouth.

Factoid: contrary to what some would have you believe frying chips in dripping or lard is better for you, because vegetable oils contains trans fats.

I am all for a return to the more traditional thick cut chip, as served by our traditional chippie.

However, as with all of Nanny's schemes, there is a fly in her oinkment.

Can you guess where the FSA intends to start rolling out her "thick cut chip" scheme?

Yes, that's right, chip shops!

The FSA will run pilot schemes in Cambridgeshire, Greater Manchester and Northern Ireland. Officials will visit 80 chip shops to examine how much fat is in their chips and offer advice.

Message to Nanny, chip shops already serve thick cut chips and cook them fresh (ie they are not injected with fat and then reheated).

Nanny should be visiting those outlets that serve "fries" not chips.

A remarkable waste of time and money.

Oh, and by the way, I have never forgiven the EU for banning newspaper as a means of wrapping my chips!

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  1. Ken;
    I always cook chunkier cut chips at home however, knowing that this is behaviour that Nanny likes, I may have to start cutting my chips thinner and start frying them in dripping....It seems that the fast food chains that sell deep fried fries which are made with "instant mash put through a mincer, are exempt....This begs the question; What is the difference between Nanny's government and Mc Donalds?
    Answer; Mc Donald's clown is only an actor....No wonder the country is skint with quangos like the FSA wasting money!!

  2. Ken - this is typical nanny problem solving.

    1) Identify problem. (eg. binge drinking)
    2) Target area where said problem does not actually exist. (eg. Happy hours in pubs)
    3) After a while say "Look, no problem now". (pubs havent really bothered with happy hours for years anyway)
    Easy way to be "seen to be doing something". (While spending huge wads of our cash).

    By the way, I will have to state for the record that I love McDonalds fries. I dont go there often but when i do I have to accompany my quarterpounder with a large portion of fries. Mmmm....

  3. Toy Trumpet10:50 AM

    I always deep fry my thick cut chips in dripping. I'm with Ken. This is about the only Nanny policy I can recall that I feel like I can get behind. And even then Nanny has to screw it up by going after the wrong "offenders".

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Now they're fucking with my chips! For fucks sake, this is war!

  5. Lord of Atlantis2:27 PM

    Personally, I loathe and detest those thin 'french fries' sold by many fast food outlets: I wouldn't even serve them to the wife's mother, if I were married. (I realise that was a very UNpolitically correct remark, but who cares)? Seriously,despite my views on the matter, if people wish to eat these french fries, they should be free to do so without interference from Nanny. As has been observed, as usual Nanny is targetting the wrong people.
    "The FSA will run pilot schemes in Cambridgeshire, Greater Manchester and Northern Ireland. Officials will visit 80 chip shops to examine how much fat is in their chips and offer advice."

    Only offer 'advice'? Or will they act like the gestapo and force chip shop proprietors to carry out their dictats?

    "A remarkable waste of time and money."


  6. Julius Caesar2:35 PM

    "Oh, and by the way, I have never forgiven the EU for banning newspaper as a means of wrapping my chips!"

    Nor me! Although I didn't realise that the EU were the w*****s behind the ban. Cannot say I'm in the least bit surprised, given their track record!

  7. Number 63:07 PM

    The EU is the uber nanny behind most if not all of the bullshit we are forced to endure nowdays. Think about it, did all this crap exist before we were frogmarched (no pun intended to our French fellow citizens in the EUSSR) into it?

    Out of the EU now!

  8. Small typo there Ken . . . .

    Shouldn't it read "Nanny's CHIMPS . . ."

    Also agree with you and Jules - newspapers gave you something to read whilst eating your fish 'n' chips!

  9. Although the EU may well be behind a lot of the crap that is endured in the UK, it is only in the UK where the crap is always enforced to the full extent.

    I have no idea if this ‘fat in chips’ directive originated in Brussels, or if they banned the use of newspaper for wrapping fish and chips, but one thing is for sure. No other member country would take the least bit of notice; and in the present economic climate it would be unthinkable for any other country to spend money on trying to sort out a ‘non-issue’.

  10. The Daily Mash sums it up perfectly as always in "BROWN NOW DICKING ABOUT WITH FISH AND CHIPS"

  11. Grant7:58 PM

    Ed said...
    The Daily Mash sums it up perfectly as always in "BROWN NOW DICKING ABOUT WITH FISH AND CHIPS"

    4:42 PM


    Brown sauce then, as mentioned for Scotland's preference in the video. No surprise really.

  12. HuwOS5:38 PM

    I actually spoke to a representative of the FSA today about this.

    In actuality, the FSA are sending out a pamphlet with a lot of best practice advice, one tiny element of which is to do with the size of chips.
    The advice is based on current best practice in the industry and despite the negative quotes from the Federation of Fish Friers, it was drawn up in consultation with them.
    They assured me that there is not now and there will not be any element of compulsion in relation to this intiative.
    The FSA are bemused by the news stories relating to it and very surprised by the quotes from the FFF as they understood them to be in favour of this scheme.

    The purpose of the pilot is to monitor the effects of any changes made by the the participating businesses and to get feedback from them as to the advice, as to whether they found it useful, easy to understand, easy to follow etc.
    This is of course all in the context of an industry that is having to cope with consumers new ideas about healthy food etc and where the big players, such as mcdonalds are making very strong play by making the nutritional information for each of their products available for all to see.

    This is a profoundly uncontentious non-story, bizarre how it attracts so much attention.