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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pussycat Pussycat

Ding dong dell

Pussy didn't kill

There have been some very shouty headlines in the media (paper, TV and radio) over the past few weeks wrt the "legal high" drug Mephedrone (aka "Miaow Miaow").

Despite the fact that the toxicology reports have yet to come in, the media is absolutely one hundred percent certain that the drug was 100% responsible for the recent deaths of a handful of young people.

Dog whistle politicians have also been keen to get in on the "shouting", and have combined with the shouty media to call for a ban on the drug.

The fact that there is strong circumstantial evidence (yet to be confirmed by toxicology tests) that other substances were also being taken by these people with Miaow Miaow is being ignored by the media and the dog whistle politicians.

Nanny hates facts to impede a good "action headline" such as "government bans drug".

The actuality is as follows:

1 Until the toxicology reports are in, no one actually knows what caused the deaths of these people.

2 Ban this drug and the chemists will simply create a similar one with a slightly different chemical structure, that will be legal.

3 Prohibition created a large criminal industry in the USA in the 1920's. Banning drugs, as we currently do, has created a wealthy, powerful, vicious criminal community. Legalise drugs and you chop the legs off this community in one fell swoop.

4 The semi civil war in Mexico over drugs, that is now spilling over into the USA, will eventually force legislators there to legalise drugs in order to cut the legs off the criminal drugs lords who are destroying the country.

5 Leading politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have admitted to, or have almost admitted to, taking a variety on illegal substances. yet they have managed to lead fulfilling, non self destructive lives. How is they seek to maintain a ban on substances that they have taken?

6 Drugs finance terrorist economies, eg Afghanistan. Legalise drugs and the terrorist economy is decapitated.

Liverpool's John Moores University has now incurred the wrath of the shouty media and Nanny by allowing 50 students to take Miaow Miaow as part of an experiment to see the effects.

Needless to say, Nanny (having made up her mind already) has (in the shape of Liberal Democrat MP John Pugh, who represents Southport, Merseyside) branded this to be "highly irresponsible".

How can this man be so certain of his view, if the drug is not tested?

One thing is for certain, the enormous amount of publicity that the media and dog whistle politicians have kicked up over this drug has ensured that an awful lot more people will be trying it this weekend.

Tell people that something is "naughty" or "wrong" and they will want to try it, especially if you threaten to ban it.

Nanny's drug current policy is causing more problems than it is solving.

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  1. Ken;

    You make good points....I agree, it appears to be a combination of substances that may have caused the problem....Still, as you say, the government must be seen to be doing something even if that something may cause more of a problem...Knee jerk reactions seldom make good law....I suspect Nanny loves to whip up such things, as it distracts people and the media away from many of the real problems Nanny has caused, such as our economic demise and the reality of the bloody EUSSR.

  2. I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't do drugs.

    When they wake up in the morning, that is about the best they are going to feel all day.

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM

    All valid points Ken. I suggest to anybody who hasn't already, to have a read of Ben Elton's satire "High Society".

    It makes the same arguments very eloquently and it's hilarious too.

    Well worth a read.

  4. With more than 60 million people in the UK and with so much access to information it is not hard to panic the feeble minded.

    The chances are that more people have died recently by falling over whilst putting on their socks, than have died from taking Mephedrone; but are the politicians calling for a ban on socks?

    Are they fuck.

  5. Can you imagine how this would go down?

    Outcry - "Oh no, drugs have killed kids".

    Government - "And whose fucking fault is that? Everyone knows drugs can be dangerous. Now, back to these tax cuts....."

    I would love to see the stunned silence after that one.
    We can but dream.....

  6. Anom re:

    "It makes the same arguments very eloquently and it's hilarious too."

    Are you saying I am not eloquent or hilarious?;)

  7. What I don't get is why people want to pay good money to snort something my Auntie Doris uses on her Begonias. I'd be happy to stick their heads in a bucket of horse sh*t for half the price.