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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Prats of The Week - Brentwood Community Hospital

Prats of The WeekChampagne for everyone!

Yet another organ of the state has won my coveted "Prats of The Week" Award.

This time it goes to the over cautious members of Brentwood Community Hopsital who erected (can I say "erected"?) signs in their environs warning of the dangers of falling acorns:

"Caution Please Be Aware Of The Falling Acorns".

I kid you not!

It seems that last year a patient stepped on an acorn, and acquired a slight sprain to her ankle.

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  1. Tonk.3:34 PM

    Some times I suspect that, those employees within the public sector who like to be called officers, have an in house competition to see which of them can come up with the daftest idea which their hi-viz clad colleagues will implement.
    I could never imagine myself agreeing to put such a notice up if instructed by a Guardian reading, bearded "officer" to do so.

    People need to grow a pair of balls and question such instructions......only by laughing at such idiots will they crawl back under their hi-viz rocks.

  2. microdave4:18 PM

    Isn't there a risk of the sign itself falling on someone - such as the fire brigade in your earlier post?

  3. Lord of Atlantis4:23 PM

    The biggest risk to health and safety are the jobsworths who come up with this pile of bovine excrement!

  4. If she stepped on it shouldn't it say "Beware of fallen acorns"?

  5. Shouldn't they also have the sign in Braille for their sight-impaired 'customers'?

  6. Did the patient last year sue them? And if so, was part of the reason they lost down to the fact that said person wasn't warned?

    This doesn't sound so much like a "prat" situation as a "covering our arses so some ambulance-chasing eejit with daytime TV adverts doesn't rip us off for thousands" one.

    I'd not blame them. A few quid for a sign could save them thousands after a dodgy legal claim. The fault's not with the hospital, but the system that lets idiots who step on acorns sue people.

  7. Nice qualifications!

    I left Uni with "BA" and thought it would be hilariously funny to have two of each, so I did the Certified Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser and a law degree, so now I'm "Mark Wadsworth LLB BA ACCA ATII"

    * Obviously there's only one "T", but hey. I could have done ATT instead of ATII but ATII is the difficult one.

    ** Tehincally I could now call myself FCCA, but that would spoil the joke.

  8. nottingham city council need nominating for employing a tree surgeon and cherry picker to knock all the horse chestnuts down on a housing estate where a girl was injured throwing sticks up to dislodge her conkers ... surprised they didn't collect them all up and confiscate them as we all know how dangerous a game of conkers can be