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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, October 18, 2010


I see that Breckland Council in Norfolk intends to introduce a rule making council staff, who pop out for a fag break, clock off and on during these fag breaks.

Time measured as lost because of fag breaks will have to be made up by the smokers.

Fair enough, maybe. However, here are a few small points:

1 It does not appear that the same clocking off/on rule will be applied to those who go to the toilet, chat round the water cooler or who have tea/coffee breaks.

2 Given the "productivity" of office bound council bureaucrats, will it make a cat's chances in hell of a difference to the quality of work performed that will actually positively impact the local taxpayers?

3 Is it possible that the costs might actually outweigh the benefits?

4 Micro managing adults in this manner can cause resentment.

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. I must admit that I felt a little hard done by when I, as a non smoker, did not take the ten minute break per hour that the smokers took....Sadly, the ward manager was a smoker too and saw no wrong in the practice.
    It strikes me that the policy is a little petty even though I can see the justification behind the decision.....In my experience, a happy workforce is a productive workforce and, as you point out Ken, treating adults like kids allows bad feelings to fester.

    I have no real problems with smokers taking a fag break as long as they don't take the piss and, some flexibility for non smokers if they wish to pop out for a few minutes.....Common sense must be the answer.

  2. It's pandering to pettiness and envy. I'd be more worried about those complainants who apparently have so little to do that they are watching the clock and timing the actions of their colleagues.

  3. Given that for the benefit of your health (e.g. neck, back and wrists etc) everyone who sits at a desk all day *should* take 5 minute breaks every 30 minutes or so, shouldn't they be encouraging the non-smokers to take more breaks rather than picking on the smokers?

  4. Anonymous4:05 PM

    As a previous manager and a smoker, I had a few staff bitch at the fact the smokers were allowed a 10 min break for a smoke when they liked. So I introduced a rule that they also could take a break outside. As with the smokers, if they took the piss they got a dressing down. Made for a happy office, it is essential to have breaks and nobody felt hard done by.

  5. St Bruno8:48 PM

    I suppose the ‘give smokers no comfort zone’ rule applies.
    The nanny mentality states that smoking causes all known human illnesses and should be discouraged at all costs. It’s passive smoking that’s to blame, and my human rights not to be infected with your vile smoke. Leper get hence.
    When I flash up my briar with extra rich shag twist everybody rushes for the door. Ah, peace at last!