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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Bin Brother - Ker Farking Ching

Bin Brother
I see that Nanny's chums in Islington council have come up with a terrific money making wheeze.

The council will fine people £110 if they put rubbish in the wrong bins, that's £30 more than fines levied on shoplifters.

Allegedly the fines will help save the planet!


The money is being used to pay the wage bills of people who add zero value to the community, such as the spies who will monitor adherence to this new rule.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly politicians in general, are able to turn something into a nice little earner.

    The way our nation's government has become apostles of the new false religion of climate change is beyond belief. For me, former French President Chirac let the cat out of the bag when he stated that, climate change agreements will be a great step towards a global government.

    If the EnviroMENTALISTS were serious about the dangers(sic) of climate change, they would not all fly out to these climate jollies.
    How paying an extra tax will stop the planet's climate from changing is beyond me.

    I have developed the following questions to point out the folly of the green nutters in relation to climate change;

    a) At what point in time was our climate "fixed?"

    b) If climate change/global warming is man made, how come the polar ice caps on Mars are melting at proportionally the same rate as our own? (source NASA)

    c) Mankind has always survived by adapting to his enviroment, rather than spending a fortune fighting nature, why not spend a small portion of that money to prepare for any change should it come?

  2. Anonymous5:28 PM

    And if mankind does not survive, so what.