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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well I have to say that this coalition government is certainly beginning to show its true colours.

Despite the paralysis of Heathrow, one of the world's largest airports (a vital economic hub for the UK), the government showed a "can't do/won't do" spirit and a remarkable lack of leadership wrt actually trying to resolve the problem. All it did was to send the hapless, hopeless and somnambulistic Transport Secretary to meet with the witless board of BAA.

Meanwhile another member of the government (a foolish elderly man easily flattered by the attention of two young female reporters posing as constituents) declared war on Rupert Murdoch. Should government ministers be taking their personal prejudices and vendettas into their day jobs?

The final layer of icing on this cake of folly was added by Nanny's Culture Secretary, Ed Vaizey, who has come up with an internet censorship plan to rival the great firewall of China. He want to ban porn on the net, and block it "at source".

The excuse that he uses, as indeed all Nannys use, is that the ban would "protect the children".

Funny that I thought we lived in a world designed and run for/by adults, not vice versa.

As in the days of the Lord Chancellor (who would censor scripts for "smutty" references to "bananas" etc), the problem comes with the definition of what exactly is "pornographic" (ankles, boobs, feet??? All of these are capable of arousing some people but not others).

The reality would be that, even if it were feasible to block porn (experts contend a firewall such as China's would have to be constructed) other non porn sites would also be blocked (and most certainly would be tempting Nanny to block them).

However, I dare say that in the fullness of time a site would arise (WankiLeaks) that would enable people to jump over the wall to look at all the porn they needed.

Do not be too relaxed about this, as noted above the coalition has been showing its true colours recently; governments that lack leadership, declare private wars on sections of the media they don't like and who try to censor the net are not to be trusted.

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  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    How right you are Ken!

    The all pervasiveness of the NannyState is there for all to see. What I want to know is - where is the opposition to this rot?? - people jus seem too supine for their own good. Blind faith in your leaders will get you killed.

  2. When there was a change in government, I expected to see the end of Nanny; How wrong I was, in fact, Nanny is back bigger and more nannyish than ever.
    I see that the endless drone from Dot bloody Gov is back on my radio station......Telling me to drink hot soup to keep warm; goodness knows how I've survived all those decades without knowing to have a warm drink when it's bloody cold!!!! Thanks Nanny or should I say; Thanks to the Minister for the Bleeding obvious!!!

    Regarding Mr Cable; There is no fool like an old fool!! I wonder just what constitutes a resigning matter these days for a politician? He already said he may abstain from voting for his own legislation and now, he has breached the ministerial code over his remarks about Rupert Murdock....I just wait for the day when I hear that The Minister for this, that or something else, has killed his Granny and peeled her with a rusty potato peeler but, will still retain his place in the cabinet as it's not a resigning issue.

    We are the laughing stock of the world thanks to witless politicians!!

    Just Laugh at Hi-Viz!!!!!

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I wonder if the cretins in the Government even thought about that plan before announcing it? OK, so you can block all porn sites, but you can still get porn by searching Google Images with the SafeSearch off, so I guess the Government will have to block Google. OK, so no search engines, that must stop the porn. Oh, no it doesn't, there's plenty of porn on Flickr and Photobucket, so we'd better ban photo-sharing too. What about social networking? Facebook can be used by paedos, so expect that to be blocked "for the children". Wait, bullying by text? We'd better ban mobile phones too.

    You get the point...

  4. microdave7:10 PM

    And then the Proxy servers will have a field day....