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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Madness - Nanny Whines Back

Greetings loyal readers from a snow covered Stockholm.

I will keep this article relatively brief, as I am using the world's slowest pc.

Anyhoo, I see that despite the wise words of the Information Commissioner (that parents taking photos of their kids' Nativity plays is not an illegal act) Nanny's drones (as I predicted) are whining back.

Certain teachers and union bods have tried to claim that the advice given is not actually correct.

For why?

It seems that these bans have been put in place because of advice given by our "respected" local councils. In other words, Nanny's drones are attempting to blame another deprtment of Nanny.

Be that as it may this is spurious reasoning:

1 Councils have no business dicatating to parents what they may/may not photograph.

2 Councils talk claptrap.

3 Advice from councils and idiotic bans such as this should be ignored.

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  1. Lord of Atlantis10:34 AM

    Typical response from these jobsworths, i.e "we'll ignore official advice, if we disagree with it, if it's contrary to our politically correct agenda, or if it prevents us bullying ordinary, decent people."

  2. microdave11:29 AM

    Time for people to start DEMANDING to be told exactly what law these jobsworths are trying to impose - chapter & verse, so that they can go and check for themselves. If such information isn't forthcoming, or turns out to be bogus, then they should insist on being left alone to carry out their wishes. Or better still arrange a law suit against the Nanny...

  3. We are the state.....Do as you're told or we'll have you.

    That is the only rule you need to know in modern Britain.

  4. Mjolinir8:57 AM

    THIS is the formal announcement that the Health and Safety Executive has 'retired' its de-bunking feature 'Myth of the Month - and I suggest readers provide themselves with copies for the enlightenment of Nannys everywhere.

    //There are few greater myths than that health and safety has gone mad. During the last four years we've debunked some truly ridiculous misrepresentations of health and safety, including the banning of conkers, firemen's poles and park benches. We've scotched scare stories about excessive safety signs, rebutted rumours about onerous risk assessments and kicked back at claims that kids need to be wrapped in cotton wool.

    This trivialisation concerns us. It confuses businesses about their responsibilities and workers about their rights. HSE publishes advice setting out the sensible and proportionate steps we can all take to deal with workplace risks properly.

    As we retire the myth of the month series, let us leave you with one thought - health and safety is about saving lives, not stopping them.//

    There is also a superb (downloadable) poster celebrating four years of 'Myths'

  5. Sheldon Ebden7:50 PM

    A couple of years ago I was accused of taking "inappropriate" photos of my own children at their nativity and that I was contravening the data protection act. I kindly printed off a copy and 300 letters that I posted through my neighbours' doors and went to the following day's performance. How I laughed as a veritable paparrazi of flashes were going off and the trout faced headmistress had a fit.