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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nanny Bans Floats

FloatsSometimes, despite the many years I have been running this website, I read a story about Nanny's stupidity that takes even my breath away.

Such a story came to light recently about Harpers, a private company which runs Sports Centres on behalf of councils in the South-East. Harpers have decreed that floats (used by people to help them swim and not drown) should be banned unless used only during paid lessons.

It seems that some kid managed to almost choke on a float (why was that kid eating the float in the first place?).

Anyhoo, Harper's pool in the sports centre owned by Wokingham Borough Council at Lower Earley are happily following this decree and even ban adults from using floats.

I have to ask, how stupid are children these days to consider munching on a float (to the point of choking themselves) to be a pleasurable activity?

Why do Harpers believe that adults would do the same?

Or could it be something to do with the fact that floats are allowed, but only if used during a PAID lesson?

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  1. I experience this whilst on holiday in the Isle of Wight. Not being allowed to use floats that is, not eating them! The local swimming pool had a huge pile of cool looking floats that my (then) 5 year old son was desperate to have a go with, only to be told in no uncertain terms that they were for "swimming lessons only".

    Miserable gits.

  2. Sadly, I live in Wokingham and have seen Harpers take over all our local council's sports centers even though, they were funded by us plebs that pay local rip off tax to fund such things. Wokingham Council have also sold off fishing rights on a local river to a private angling club for £750 who will now only allow locals to fish there if they join the club and pay over £200 for their membership; no day tickets allowed.

    It is amazing how often 'elf'n'safety is used as a leash to control the people, only to be waived when their is a chance for officials to make a few bob...Kerching!!!

    I wonder how a session being paid and official will stop some stupid kid from eating a float....I wonder if a float counts towards their five a day....It must be low in salt;-)

  3. Lord of Atlantis3:42 PM

    I shouldn't have thought ANYONE with half a brain cell would try eating a float as, although I have never tried eating one myself, I am quite confident they wouldn't taste very nice! As usual, one incident by someone of questionable intelligence, and everyone is made to suffer. It is like, when I was at school, punishing a whole class because one or two individuals misbehaved: justice it certainly is not! As you suggesrt, Ken, it may well be an excuse to extort more money from people.
    Tonk: the benefit of privatising public services, without accountability? Regarding the river you mention, presumably the angling club bans swimming in 'their' river too?

  4. Tonk.7:04 PM

    My Lord,

    I suspect you are right.....The River in question is the River Loddon which runs into the Thames.

  5. Lord of Atlantis10:54 AM

    I remember that river very well, Tonk, as I lived in Basingstoke from about the age of five until a couple of months after my eighteenth birthday. The Loddon flows (flowed) through the town, crossing the road by a commercial laundery, long since demolished as part of the 1960s
    'development' of the town. The river quickly disappeared under brick and concrete around the same time, for the same reason. Sic transit gloria!

  6. Mark.V.8:22 AM

    Can't have people using the floats and teaching themselves to swim, for free.