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Friday, February 04, 2011

Office Shagging Banned

I was more than a little wryly gemused to read a while ago that Nanny's chums from Fenland District Council's HR department had taken it upon themselves to try to interfere in that most natural of human passtimes, shagging.

The busybodies from HR had got their collective knickers in a twist over council workers having relationships with other council workers.

As such, if you are a hapless member of staff of this sad little council you might have soon been required to apply in writing for permission to shag a fellow member of staff!

This idiotic policy ('Draft People Policy: Relationships at Work') was drawn up by Ms Sam Anthony, the council's head of human resources and organisational development.

HR, now there's a function that adds fark all value to many organisations!

"Intimate behaviour during work time is not acceptable, and this applies during all working time (not flexed off time), both on and off council sites. Any breach of this could be regarded as a disciplinary offence (potentially gross misconduct) leading to disciplinary action."

HR clearly feels it hasn't enough to do, which is probably the case!

The data collected by the busybodies of HR would have been stored on the personnel files of the employees concerned!

Anyhoo, unsurprisingly, this daft idea created a furore and the council mid January duly told Ms Anthony that it was bollocks and rejected it.

I guess she will have to find some other way to justify her role in the council?

Just as well she was never my Personnel Manager when I was a lad, there would have been quite a thick file on me:)

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  1. Yeah, just expose busybodies and jobsworths to the light of publicity; they soon fade away.
    Perhaps she was hoping to create a new revenue stream for the council....A license to shag...Kerching.

    Just laugh at hi-viz.

  2. Adrian3:57 PM

    At least the council stood up for its staff - oops, "Officers", on this occasion.

  3. Ermm, the prospect of an office fling is one of the few remaining incentives for showing up to work.

    I predict a softening and sagging of British productivity in the workplace.