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Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Child The Rioter - The Product of The Nanny State

On Tuesday evening I watched a BBC2 documentary about some of the people who rioted last summer (see it here "My Child The Rioter"), it featured interviews with some of the families and people who took part.

One particular individual, Ryan (there he is above with his father), particularly stood out. Aside from being a cretin, he happily spouted a home spun theory that his thievery that night was a "political" statement. He then went on to say that he hoped that the police got hurt.


"I wanted to see policemen being attacked

I wanted to see them being injured, I wanted to see them being treated the way they treat us. This was going to change society. Hopefully for the better."

His parents, instead of admonishing him, said that had they been younger they would have joined in.

Ryan is a product of the Nanny state. He has been brought up from birth to believe that he is entitled to everything, and that when life lets him down (as it does for most people) it is not his fault but that of "society".

The "anger" (faux or genuine) of those who claim that their actions that night were some form of protest against the police or the state (quite how burning down local shops and stealing trainers amounts to a "political" action I'm not sure) has arisen because the rioters have been told that they are entitled to everything, yet have realised that they cannot have everyhting.

Life, like it or not, can be pretty shitty at times. We are all "victims" of luck (good/bad), circumstances, upbringing, location etc etc. Those who are mature enough to understand that things don't always go well, and that even if you do your best you can sometimes screw up, don't go round thieving and buring shops down.

Sadly, the Nanny state has left vast swathes of the population in a permanent "child like" mental state (adults unable to accept responsibility or to grow up), where life's kicks and knocks produce an immature tantrum and a burning sense of rage against the "unfairness" of the world (as demonstrated by the likes of Ryan).

What should be of great concern to us all is that the future of our country lies in the hands of people like Ryan!

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  1. Very well said ken.....I think many people are unable to handle the word no.

    We are seeing the product of kids with kids having kids and the second generation of kids that have never known any discipline at all.

    I am only glad that I shall be long gone before the real nightmare begins; when those people get into positions of real influence within our political system although, we are starting to see the first pioneers starting to enter the political establishment.

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Unfortunately, Ryan has also learned that television producers are more than willing to make programmes about fuck-wits like him to feed the stupidity of the viewing audience.

  3. Lord of Atlantis2:43 PM

    Spot on, Ken, and you too, Tonk! As the great Roman orator, Marcus Cicero would have put it (quoting from his work 'In Catilinam I') "O tempores! O mores! (What times! What goings on!).

    Ken, you observed, "What should be of great concern to us all is that the future of our country lies in the hands of people like Ryan!"

    Too true! And of equal concern is that Ryan's father supported his son's actions. How times have changed, and, alas, NOT for the better, in many respects! If I and I suspect 99% of those contributing to this website had behaved like that, we'd have received a good hiding from our fathers' and real punishment from the judicial system, not the slapped wrist that most thugs receive today. Where the perpetrators are too young to be punished by the courts, then the parents should receive the punishment, in my opinion. If that were to happen, they might, perhaps take a bit more interest in what their children were up to!

  4. Doesn't look like young Ryan has missed too many meals, despite the oppression he's been forces to endure. It might be fun to hear him run down his list of grievances, grievances so severe as to justify the deliberate injury of police officers.

    I suppose I'll have to equip myself with a barf bag before subjecting myself to the BBC video.

  5. Number 611:56 AM

    Socialisim in action.