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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nanny Wipes Your Arse

Loyal readers are well familiar with feeling that there are some in this country who will not function, even at the most basic level, without Nanny holding their hand and wiping their arse.

Well, be careful what you say for it has become fact!

A recent survey carried out by Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence and The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), an interesting combination of bodies!, found that there is a worrying increase in the number of children who are still in nappies when they start primary school.

Teachers find their lessons increasingly disrupted by having to "clear up accidents".

For why?

It seems that some parents now believe that it is the state's role (ie schools) to provide toilet training!

Some schools have even been forced to put on parent workshops to help with toilet training.

It is important to note that these findings do not relate to children who are ill, or who have special needs. They relate solely to the fit, able bodied and well (mentally and physically).

Ye gods!

Even the most primitive and slow witted of life forms on this planet manage to train their offspring wrt toilet matters (eg a cat uses a tray, a dog uses the neighbour's garden, a rat uses the local KFC etc).

How is it that the most "intelligent" life form on the planet now cannot even manage to do that?

Now myth has become truth, Nanny really does wipe your arse!

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  1. Disposable nappies are the problem. Not only do they encourage lazy parenting but, they also block sewers.

    I was potty trained before I was a year old as were my siblings......My daughter was potty trained before she was a year....The reason? Because terry nappies needed cleaning and handling and that alone encouraged parents to potty train their kids.

    I cannot imagine how much agro a kid would have got from the other kids, if he attended school in a nappy during my time at school.

    It is lazy parenting and, in my opinion, a form of abuse.

    There is a real juxta position where some parents keep their kids in nappies at school, saying that they'll become clean when they're ready to but, are happy that their little darlings are taught about sex and homosexuality etc.

    I am also concerned by the number of young kids that take their dummies to school....What on Earth is the matter with parents today?

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM

    If this report is true then I think that it indicates a bigger problem than just stupid, lazy parents.

    For instance, where are the grand parents?
    Surely anyone with experience of bringing up kids would recognise that 5 year old is a tad late to still be shitting itself.

    Where is the peer pressure?
    Have these parents isolated themselves from other parents? Have their incontinent children never come into contact with other kids before starting school?

    Kids may need some help at a very early age with toilet matters, but even when left totally neglected they will realise that to wallow in their own piss and shit is uncomfortable, and they will train themselves well before primary school age.
    For that reason alone I don’t believe this report. I suspect that it could be yet another attempt by a pair of superfluous organizations to justify their existences.

  3. Lord of Atlantis10:51 AM

    The answer is easy: the headmaster of every school, with the full backing of the governors, should make it clear that not only is it not the school's role to change nappies or to wipe backsides, but that they will NOT be doing so. Moreover, EVERY CHILD attending the school MUST be potty trained. Any child not meeting this criteria will be automatically excluded. As the meercats say on the advert, seeemple!

    1. Actually my Lord, I think the meerkats say "seeemples";)

  4. Mjolinir12:35 PM

    Previous comments seem to have made some unjustified assumptions-
    1) The parent (or substitute) was themselves 'potty trained, and sees this as a 'good thing'.
    2) All relevant 'adults' in the domestic situation AND the Responsible Official Bodies (aka 'various agencies') - consider that forcing children NOT to soil themselves is an allowable infringement upon their "Oomin-Roytz"
    3) Any mockery of such unfortunate children WILL be treated as 'bullying',and result in all of the kids -except the shitty one - being excluded from the entirety of what is (for unfathomable sentimental/historic reasons) still known as the 'Education System'.