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Monday, February 06, 2012

Booze Matters - Just a Little Bit More

I am gemused to see that Nanny (remember folks MPs get to drink tax subsidised booze) still has a bee in her bonnet about how much we drink.

I am therefore hugely gemused to see that she has now started airing TV adverts that recommend that we drink "just a little bit more".

Hear hear hear!!


What's that you say?

The adverts are warning us of the dangers of drinking "just a little bit more"?

Well that's a bit stupid isn't it?

An advert drawing our attention to drinking "just a little bit more" is in fact going to tempt us to drink "just a little bit more" isn't it?

Ho Hum, seemingly Nanny is of the view that these adverts will not tempt us to drink "just a little bit more" and is trying to warn us of the increased risks of mouth cancer from booze.

Will Nanny's MPs be giving up their subsidised booze then, in the face of this danger?

No, I thought not!

Wrt the risk of getting mouth cancer, here's the reality according to Cancer Research:

- The ACTUAL risk of contracting mouth cancer is approximately 8 in 100,000

That means that there is is a 99.992% chance that you WON'T get mouth cancer.

Drinking two glasses of wine per day reduces the risk that you WON'T get mouth cancer to 99.976%

As ever with Nanny, and the cretins in the media and House of Commons, the concept of risk has been distorted from almost zero chance to "absolutely definite" merely to support a political agenda.

This of course makes a mockery of all government health warnings, as no one will believe them anymore!

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  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I am sure that most people have a vision of themselves dying at a great old age, laying propped up in bed in a darkened room with the family gathered around sobbing; some well-chosen wise words before quietly slipping away……………………

    The reality is that you will die of something, probably something quite horrible. A heart condition, cancer perhaps.

    When my time comes I will not look back and blame the booze that I drank or the cigarettes that I smoked. I will not blame the ‘unhealthy’ food that I ate. I will not blame the manufactures of these products. I will not blame the Government for not giving me adequate warnings.

    The fact is that research like this is totally useless. It is expensive to produce and will be completely ignored by all except those that are stupid enough to blame life’s one certainty on others.

  2. Tonk.1:27 PM

    I get sick to death of hearing messages from Nanny on my TV and on my radio. I listen to radio to escape the reality that Nanny has created. Dot Gov please, leave me alone. I have managed to get to my current age without taking much notice of you so why should I start now?

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    can we have some debate about the risk of mouth cancer by PA companies and political bumbkins by talking bollocks

  4. When you show the stats like that it makes you realise how ridiculous this expensive (paid for by us) campaign is. They'd be better warning us of the hazards of being old, given that outliving your body organs is the biggest killer of those over 65

  5. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Sorry again Ken, the pedant is back.

    The figures from WHO say that the UK risk is between 2-4 per 100000 (and the UK figures include crown dependencies and overseas territories, so it's not even that bad). Our rate runs about the same as the US and most of Europe (although France is much greater). Taking the worst, that gives a risk of 0.004.

    Cancer Research UK states a new diagnosis rate of 5410 in 2007. Assuming that a person lives 70 years, and the rate stays the same for a population of 60 million (this is not even close to true so it will inflate the figures massively). Er (I really do hate maths you know!) that gives a lifetime risk of about 0.63 (I think). Not exactly a 'cower in the cupboard' risk is it, even inflated?

    Speaking as someone in 'the industry', the only increase in oral (as with all other cancers) can easily be explained due to better diagnosis and the surprising number of foreign nationals who suddenly discover symptoms when they are on holiday/visiting relatives/here to study (?!?). Another case of 'let's make up a scare story to get us some more funds' I'm afraid.

    1. Thanks for the pedantry:)

      We are governed by cretins with lucrative single issue agendas.

  6. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Well, we smokers DID warn etc etc

    Does anyone still believe that it was fair and proportionate to turf smokers out of every single public place on the grounds of the (ahem) dangers of SHS :/

    BTW there is a petition against plain packaging of tobacco products. Tobacco today, booze tomorrow.. (don't say we didn't warn you ;))