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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Health and Fitness

As we all know, Nanny, the media, the medical profession and various self appointed "health experts" merrily bombard us on a daily basis with propaganda about the importance of taking regular exercise and of being "fit".

On that point, would the above "experts" care to define exactly what "fit/fitness" actually is?

Anyhoo, I was more than gemused to learn today that tonight's Horizon will be about how one only need to take vigorous intense exercise of around 3 minutes a week in order to remain "fit" (no definition of course as to what "fit" actually means).

I was also extremely gemused to see that the "experts" have finally admitted to what the rest of us have known all along, namely that different people respond differently to exercise (ie we are all different, and each of us will "benefit from/be harmed by" exercise in different ways). The scientific buzzwords are "responders" and "non responders"

This of course means that the "one size fits all" prescription by Nanny and others of the type and duration of exercise is of course bollocks!

As to what "fit" actually means, here is my definition:

You are fit if you are able to conduct your daily life without any discomfort, undue effort or distress.

Therefore if you daily life consist of drinking 8 pints a day, and you are able to do this without any distress or discomfort, then you are fit! 

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  1. Nanny does get her knickers in a twist when trying to impose good communist/socialist dogma to real world situations.

    We are, as you say Ken, all different; thank goodness!.....Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. That is part of being human, the logical conclusion therefore, Nanny is not human if she thinks, one size fits all. QED.

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I used to keep fit by playing football for our local team. The church vicar wanted to play but was so fat and unfit that we had to put him in as goalkeeper.

    We called him The-Roly-Poly-Holy-Goalie.

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    My "daily life.." used to "consist of drinking 8 pints a day" but as a nurse, and therefore subjected to regular 'occupational health check-ups' I was finally shamed into action!

    So after regular training, a specially devised dietary regimen, and a period of supported councilling... I can now manage 10 pints and pack of Superkings, Yeah?

    And yes, I'm still fitter (and considerably more svelte) than the flabby (imagine Weeble dimensions) Occupational Health Head Nurse! (Oh and generally all round better looking too, if I do say so myself ;-) Yes, I'm immeasurably modest too! I have so many amazing qualities! )

    Why is it that these health-fascists are all grossly over-weight, bitter, prune-faced, pug-ugly idiots? Another case of do as I say, not as I do? I suspect it has something of a similarity to my colleagues reactions when I sit and eat a whole bar of Galaxy chocolate at break time and yet never seem to put weight on, whilst certain of their ilk seem to bloat if they even look at a slice of Riveta.

    1. Why "do as I say, not do?"

      Because they are self loathing and transfer their self hatred to others.

  4. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Hi Ken

    I get fit by making appropriate and reasonable complaints to my GPs surgery about the condescending attitudes and poor practices they regularly try to inflict on me. By complaining you automatically bring the PCT into play and then they all conspire to 'prove' that I am wrong and they are right - everytime!

    The amount of energy used is such that I can now run a marathon in 10minutes. I have decided to enter the Olympics, as an independent of coursee, and be the fastest to fill in the plethora of forms and justifeed comments in meetings and still be told I AM WRONG.

    Don't know what the world record is .....

  5. I'm really glad to read that what I do is more than enough as recommended. Thanks for the information. I do 30 minutes of exercise everyday.