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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Bin Brother - Nanny Bans Apples

I was particularly ungemused to read about another council using a petty infringement of rules and regulations in order to raise some money by levying a fine.

In this particular case Cyril Falls was fined £150 by Down District Council for throwing an apple core out of his car into a hedge.

Mr Falls is of the view that it was OK to throw the apple core because it is biodegradable. Unfortunately Nanny's enforcement officer, who was in the car behind him, was not of the same view and took down Mr Falls's registration number.

The BBC note that Mr Falls was initially given a £50 fine, which he said he forgot to pay.

When he got a reminder about it, his solicitor thought they should contest it.

Sadly the judge upheld the council's case, and Mr Falls was fined £150 and made to pay the court's costs.

In a statement, Down District Council said:
"A fixed penalty notice was issued for an offence under The Litter Order. 

The fixed penalty was not paid and council had no option but to prosecute for the original offence of depositing litter. "

The council had every option, it simply chose to go for the most lucrative option ie the money!

Councils are the enemies of the people.

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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Mr Falls and his solicitor are a pair of idiots and deserve a £150 fine for their combined stupidity.

    Just because an item is biodegradable it does not mean that you can go and chuck it in a hedge. A turd is biodegradable and it is good fertilizer, but someone caught shitting in a field would be ill advised to claim Mr Falls defence. What on earth was his solicitor thinking?

    Mr Falls blew his chances of a reasonable defence when he ignored the first demand for £50. He should have immediately brought the enforcement officer’s honesty and credibility into question by claiming that it simply was not him that threw anything from his car.

    Without further evidence it becomes a case of one person’s word against another; and that is a case which he at least has a small chance of winning.

    1. Councillor Brown-Heap5:21 PM

      thank you Mr Busibody, CEO of Down District Council on a salary, now, of £100,000 and worth every penny, twat!

    2. Anonymous12:14 PM


      I am not sure if you were pissed when you wrote the above, so I will just assume that you are a dickwad.

      If I had my way I would burn down all of the council offices with all of the bastard workers still inside, but one thing is for sure, and that is that I would not turn up with the petrol and matches in my own car. I would not be so stupid as to put myself on offer.

      Mr Falls was in a car that was traced back to him when he chucked the remains of his apple in a hedge. He should have realised that he was in England, a place where a large proportion of the public take great pleasure in grassing each other up. He was even more unlucky as the person behind him was an bastard enforcement officer.

      Instead of holding his hands up, paying the fine and cursing his own stupidity, he embarked on a half-arsed defence which he had almost no change of wining with an incompetent solicitor who no doubt charged him for his dubious services.

      You may have sympathy for this moron. I don’t.

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Can you say, on here, that all councils are fucking crap?

    Today I got news from my local council that I am better, fit, healed, saved. They denied my renewal of a blue badge that I have used responsibly for a number of years to help me access local shops and venues. As a disabled person with mobility problems I have been really thankful for this. Now the council tell me I am not disabled enough. I think I will have to be dead before I ever get one again. I'll be staying in a lot from now on - thank you gloucester council - there's not much more they can take off me so I will die peaceably.

  3. @anon 3:21 "Without further evidence it becomes a case of one person’s word against another; and that is a case which he at least has a small chance of winning"

    No he does not, Council Officials opinions are given greater weight in law, even greater than those of a police officer, the latter have to have corobotating evidence, Council Officials do not.

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM

      I am sure that you are right and that is why I was careful to use the term 'a small chance'.

      However, his solicitor is still a cunt for advising him to defend a case that he had almost no chance of wining, and in my opinion Mr Falls is a silly bastard for taking that advice, and undoubtedly paying for it.