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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Boys In Hi Vis

I have observed that certain phrases trigger a raising of blood pressure amongst my loyal readers. One such phrase is "hi vis", as discussed yesterday in relation to binmen and council admin staff.

In the spirit of keeping the blood pressure up, I am going to repeat the phrase again today....hi vis!

For it seems ladies and gentlemen that Nanny is planning to do away with our "boys in blue", and replace them with the "boys in hi vis".

Police chiefs believe that hi vis (instead of blue) will make the police easier to spot on the streets (alongside binmen, road diggers, traffic wardens etc etc). Additionally Nanny believes that, if it is adopted across the country, it will make for a more unified image.

The absurdly named “national high visibility jacket” will be tested first in London.


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  1. Lord of Atlantis11:30 AM

    Who on earth came up with this dopey idea and, more importantly, who is paying them for this nonsense? Don't tell me, let me guess, the taxpayer! Apart from the fact that there are far more urgent problems requiring attention, this is going to cause a lot of confusion, as the public will not know who is or is not a policeman. I wonder whether this is penny pinching by Nanny, knowing how much we respect those in hi-viz vests, to try and catch people swearing by entrapment, or part of a more sinister plan to create a secret police?

  2. Oh Goody goods!

    The police would be more visible, like I am, by not wearing Hi-Viz; it seems almost every worker and school child is issued with a hi-viz jacket.

    I think we should go back to the nice blue uniform for the police: for me, they look far too much like military personnel in their black uniforms, which I suspect, is designed to intimedate. I cannot see how a shaven headed bloke in a black military style uniform or indeed hi-viz, sends out the "I'm approachable and on your side" message.

    The police are now too political and all too many of the lower ranks appear to be little more than shaven headed thugs in uniform and far too many of the higher ranks come across as politicians in uniform.

    If the police want to keep the support of the public, they need to look at how they speak to that public and how they interact with them, and in my opinion, hi-viz is not the answer, except perhaps, for traffic cops.

  3. Archroy12:01 PM

    Helmets, that's the way to recognise police, proper helmets. The more senior ranks could put a plume on them.

    1. Presumably because the police, instead of riding roughshod over everybody should have their "rights" circumscribed (excusez-moi, un petit peu vulgaire je pense).

  4. I think this may be a sort of "Batesian Mimicry" - where a less dangerous species attempts to divert attention by adopting the appearance of serious predators (Council bin-men, traffic wardens, Elfin-Safe-Tea marshals, Pedo-finders, &c)

  5. 'National High Visibility' is why I wear a kilt - but I paid for the thing myself, and I would not thank a government that sent me a "Government Approved Kilt" - a GAK . . . LOL!

    I really think police should start wearing "Properly Instructive Garments"; or, as the Americans say; 'Go figure'!