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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, October 08, 2012


As loyal readers know, Nanny and certain "research" institutes never cease to come up with spurious ways to waste time and money on research that provides humanity with conclusions/findings that are bugger all use to anyone.

Step forward the British Egg Council and Mindlab which, using "sophisticated" maths and data mining, recently concluded that there is a statistical relationship between a person's character, lifestyle and social class and whether they like their eggs boiled, fried, scrambled or as an omelette.

The Telegraph reports that poached egg eaters are outgoing, listen to upbeat music and are happier, boiled egg consumers are disorganised, fried egg fans have a high sex drive, scrambled egg aficionados are guarded and omelette eaters are self-disciplined.

Seemingly the average poached egg-eater is likely to have two children, and no more than one sibling and is more likely to be a woman than a man.

Boiled egg-eaters had a tendency to be careless and impulsive.

Fried egg-eaters are most likely to be younger and male and most frequently found among the skilled working classes.

Scrambled egg-eaters are more likely to be in managerial or senior-level jobs and also to own their own home, and omelette eaters are likely to have a tidy home.

Under normal circumstances we would expect Nanny to try to use these "findings" to manipulate/control us. However, as she loathes eggs, I suspect she is in rather a bind over what to do with them.

Personally I enjoy fried eggs (two or three at one sitting), yet I am neither "young" nor "skilled working class" (although I do work); so that rather puts the kibosh on the quality of that research then!

Please share your egg habits with us via the comment form below.

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  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I have conducted my own research and have concluded that eating more than 3 boiled eggs in one sitting results in a half hour session in the bog trying to squeeze out an enormous and uncomfortable turd that takes several flushes to send it on its way.

  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Please tell me your tax dollars werent used for this flimsy nonsense.....

    We are seeing alot of this crap in the US. Psychological/social differences in democrats/ republicans....religious/nonreligious...white/blue collar.

    All in an effort too sustain the fiction that we have "class warfare" here, which exists only in the minds of the media and our chattering classes.


    1. Tonk.2:37 PM

      Very well said.

      There is a very large amount of money to be made in the equality/Political correctness/fairness/various ists, isms and phobes/ as well as the new false religion of climate change industries and the same type of person jumps onto these bandwagons.

      My favourite egg? either a Faberge or easter: I love both:-)

  3. Cadaeibfec9:30 PM

    It looks like a case of just passing some random statistics to the mainstream media in the hope of gaining a bit of cheap egg publicity. It seems a trivial issue but it alludes to something more serious, ie the rise in abuse of statistics.

    The fact is that practically all data contain patterns even if 99% of them are usually meaningless random patterns with no predictive power. For example, an analysis of lottery numbers over a year might show that six appears the most often. But as soon as you try using it, chances are some other number will immediately start appearing more often than six.

    On the other hand, some patterns are 100% consistent but 0% useful. For example if all road accidents in the UK tomorrow are analysed, it should be found that the majority will be caused by people with blue eyes. It's also true that if such shock statistics lead to all people with blue eyes being banned from driving on health and safety grounds, then the result should be a decrease in road accidents. But only in the sense that telling everyone to stay at home for the day and hide behind the sofa for health and safety reasons, should also lead to a decrease in road accidents.

    The mistake is that eye colour isn't causing the accidents, it's just the most common (I think) eye colour in the UK.

    The problem is that many focus groups and campaigners have now cottoned on to how easy it is to mislead the public using statistics or simple maths. In many cases the mainstream media either don't notice the fallacies or else appear quite happy to promote them.

    Either way, I never take at face value anything I see nowadays in the mainstream media.

  4. Anonymous12:43 AM

    boiled for 4 mins. then carefully peel and put egg on slice of toast with full fat butter and a pinch of salt. Eat like a wrap.
    p sok

  5. Speenzman3:19 PM

    "Seemingly the average poached egg-eater is likely to have two children, and no more than one sibling and is more likely to be a woman than a man."

    Poached eggs are my favourite (apart from Tonk's well remembered Easter variety). I am a man with no children and three siblings. Either I'm a very a-typical poached egg preferer OR the research is a load of old crap!

  6. Just another filler for the Telegraphs bloated pages trying to hide the dearth of real reportage.
    I like fried and scranbled so presumably have a guardedly high sex drive.

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Don't know where I fit into this. I often have scrambled eggs on toast or with smoked salmon for breakfast, poached on top of mixed leaf salad with bacon, for lunch, fried on a ciabatta roll in the evening as a snack, omelette for dinner, baked with spinach for a light lunch, boiled whenever I feel like it, so I must be all or none of those people!