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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nanny Bans Fake Penises

I am gemused to see that Nanny and her officers have been busy in Newquay during the halcyon days of summer (all two days of it), ensuring that the Cornish resort shed its reputation as a haven for drunken revellers and stag parties.

How so?

Nanny has introduced a zero-tolerance approach to "risque" fancy dress.

The result being that some visitors to Newquay have had "risque" costumes seized by police.

What is an example of  "risque" costume?

A mankini!

Devon and Cornwall Police Superintendent Julie Whitmarsh recently gave an interview (as per the Telegraph):
"We have had this consistency of seizing inappropriate items of clothing, sending people home to get changed, and that has worked, it has made a real difference, this 'no-nonsense attitude'.

Mankini is what we term 'offensive clothing', so we won't accept people wearing them. They are just hideous.

Is it just me, but if you were living in Bath for example, or Bournemouth, is that something you would wear to walk into town on a Saturday afternoon? 

For good measure, Nanny also banned fake penises (preferring, I assume, the real thing?); as per Super. Whitmarsh:
"They are just revolting, there is nothing pleasant about seeing anybody in a mankini. We have had a real crackdown on the fake penises. 

And people are getting that message. You look at the images you see of Newquay now, 2009 is three years ago and we are in a very different place."
I wonder how that approach would work in Brighton?

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  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I hope they soon ban grown men from walking around with big hats that look like tits on their heads whilst carrying penis shaped wooden sticks in their 'utilty' belts.

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Make no mistake! Nanny is coming for the real thing! The continuing wussification of the culture of both our fair countrys in top on her list!

    Debbie (in the US)

  3. Toy Trumpet1:00 PM

    I wonder under what powers they are able to seize people's clothes and send them home to change?

  4. Speenzman1:27 PM

    Wasn't there some regime a while ago that sought to supress peoples' rights regarding religion, civil liberties, personal expression (e.g. the right to wear whatever you like) etc. I believe there was a war over it and I'm told we won.

  5. Tonk.7:11 PM

    Just as the hi-viz clad jobsworths in local authorities attempt to expand their role, so it seems the police are too.
    I was always led to believe that it was up to the courts to decide what the law was or was not and whether or not a law had been broken.
    I too wonder what law allows plod to seize legally obtainable products, such as fancy dress, seize them and tell a free adult citizen to go home and change.
    If plod believes an offence has occured, they should arrest the person or report it for a summons so that a magistrate or judge can decide.
    It was always the role of the police to prevent and detect crime and then to either prosecute or report the wrong doing to the CPS/Courts. I suspect things will get worse when we elect busybody commissioners, with their own agenda, next month.

    1. Archroy8:06 PM

      The problem is that if you refuse to go home then are arrested, charged and taken to court the charge will not be "wearing a fake penis" which would be laughed out of court, but "obstructing police" which the magistrates will interpret in the severest possible way - like the twat with the twitter.

  6. I hope they search all ladies whose upper-storey projections appear to be 'unnatural' - and make them take off any garments that provide assistance in respect of height, separation &/or volume.