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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, December 07, 2012

USA Nanny Bans Christmas Tree

As loyal readers know, Nanny does not just confine herself and her activities to this septic isle; Nanny is happy to ply her evil trade throughout the world. As such, I occasionally feature stories about International Nanny and her activities.

This being the season of goodwill etc, I would like to share with you a rather sad story about USA Nanny's meanness to the elderly residents of the Willows senior apartment complex in Newall USA.

This being the season of the goodwill the residents normally erect a communal Christmas tree and also menorahs.

Not this year.

For why?

Nanny's chums from JB Partners Group Inc. (who have run the complex for four years) sent a memo to staff at The Willows senior apartment building demanding that they take down Christmas trees and menorahs in communal areas.


Nanny does not want any religious symbols in the communal areas.

Factoid: Christmas trees have nothing to do with Christianity, they are a throwback to pagan times.

Anyhoo, the residents are well pissed off and are fighting back and have erected a neon green sign that reads:
"Please Save Our Tree."
Robert Troudeau a resident is quoted by the Daily News:
"There are people overseas fighting for our freedoms and dying and we're here fighting over things like this. It's a shame."
For shame on Nanny!

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  1. Since Saint Barrack of O'Barmey came in to office, the USA has become infected with the European disease of PC stupidity. Just as we did here in the UK, America are starting to destroy everything and all of the traditional beliefs that made the States great and successful. The USA will go down the same road as the EUSSR if the madness is not stopped.

  2. Quite right, someone should send JB Partners Group Inc a memo pointing out that Xmas trees were introduced to England (and thence to Americay) from Germany during Queen Victorias rule as a way of honouring her beloved Albert. Yule logs and mistletoe are perhaps remnants of our own pagan past.
    Said memo might also add that Xmas displays are very popular in non-Xian realms from Dubai to Japan.