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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Nanny Bans Wanking Again

On Monday I wrote the following:
"In November I wrote about Nanny Cameron's plans for ISP's to block on porn sites:

"Nanny wants all new computers purchased and ISP services signed up for to ask their proud new owners at their first login whether they have children.
In the event the answer is "yes", the parent will be taken through the process of installing anti-pornography filters, as well as a series of questions on how stringent they wish the restrictions to be.

ISP's will also be told by Nanny to prompt existing customers to install the technology to block pornography."
I noted that the plan was of course bollocks and wouldn't work:
"It is quite clear that Nanny doesn't understand how the net works, nor indeed how cunning and bright the average teenager can be when looking to circumvent rules and regulations."
Less than one month on, and I am gemused to see that Nanny Cameron has vetoed the idea.

For why?

1 Parents who were "consulted" on the matter said that they didn't want it and, quite correctly, asserted that it was up to them NOT THE STATE to govern their children.

2 Nanny realised that the plan was bollocks and wouldn't work, it would in fact end up censoring/blocking sites that are designed to help children wrt sex etc.

3 The "danger" of the interent to children lies not so much with bums and boobies, but with those individuals (adults and children) who use it to bully/abuse others (hence parents would be wise to remind their kids not to talk to I was always told in an era gazillions of years before the internet).

So there we are folks, Nanny Cameron was told that the plan was bollocks and we can, for the moment, continue to wank ourselves unconscious in the privacy of our own home when using the net
However, those of you who rushed out to buy a lorry load of Kleenex may well be disappointed. As I went on to warn:
"..make the most of it whilst you can, as ever with Nanny and her acolytes she doesn't like it when her plans are thwarted. The NSPCC is already trying to rubbish the consultation, by claiming that parents' voices were not properly heard (I assume they mean the voices of those parents who agree with Nanny's plans).

This isn't over!
Well blinkey, blonkey, blimey less than five days on an Nanny Cameron has changed his mind and decided to ban it after all!

I knew he would cave in to pressure from various self appointed Nannytype bodies and change his mind, but I never thought he would so so in less than five days!

Utterly pathetic!

What was the point of consulting people if their views are to be ignored?

Anyone want to buy a tonne of Kleenex?

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  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Just the mere thought of Cameron stops me wanking.

    On an entirely different subject Ken. How about a section for spotting the most patronising ‘warnings’ given on film trailers or before TV programmes?

    I remember reading on a trailer to a Disney carton stating that the film had ‘one act of slapstick violence’, last night at midnight I was warned that the latest episode of Flashpoint contained ‘scenes of peril’!!!!!!

    What the fuck is all that about?

  2. "Anyone want to buy a tonne of Kleenex? "

    I'll take it. My car has just sprung a nasty oil leak.

    1. Cat Litter is good for soaking that up...

  3. Tonk.2:55 PM

    I suppose that Nanny will, in effect, be setting up a register of those who don't object to porn.......I wonder if Nanny will monitor these surfers more carefully.

    We used to attack the likes of China and the old USSR for just this kind of thing, now we're world leaders at it ourselves.
    Its UKIP for me; Cameron and his progressive Marxism has spoilt the party I had supported since I could first vote in an election.

  4. It's also bollox since the lads i-phone is smarter than Mr Cameron and dads computer put together.