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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Ultimate Christmas Present

Ladies and gentlemen, in the run up to the festive season, doubtless many of you are fretting about what to give the kids this Christmas.

May I suggest Gilbert's Atomic Energy Lab (guaranteed "safe", in 1950)?

The sturdy metal box contains:

1. U-239 Geiger radiation counter.
2. Electroscope to measure radioactivity of different substances.
3. Spinthariscope to watch "live" radioactive disintegration.
4. Wilson Cloud Chamber to see paths of electrons & alpha particles at 10k mps
5. Three very low-level radioactive sources (Alpha, Beta, Gamma).
6. Four samples of Uranium-bearing ores
7. Nuclear Spheres (used to visual build models of molecules)
8. The book "Prospecting for Uranium"
9. The "Gilbert Atomic Energy Manual"
10. The comic book "Learn How Dagwood Splits the Atom"
11. Three "Winchester" Batteries (size "C")

One in the eye for Nanny and her health and safety gestapo!

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  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Now the number one best seller in Iraq...........

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:35 AM

    There is absolutely no way the elf'n'safety gestapo would allow our children to be exposed to such a dangerous item in Nanny's brave new world of 2012 (and it might well fall foul of anti-terrorist legislation too!). The same would be true of the contents of my chemistry set, which provided many hours of enjoyment for me back in the 1960s. True, I did have a bunsen burner, and many of the chemicals I was handling needed to be treated with respect, but in thoses days people did not seek to blame and sue others if they injured themselves. However, they did have a little thing called commonsense!

    1. My Lord,

      I too had a chemistry set at about the same time as you. My "Bunsen Burner" ran on meths. I used to make stink bombs and bolt bombs......I wonder what Nanny would think of that, especially given I had no eye protection, no head gear, no toetectors nor any of her beloved fetish item: the hi-viz jacket!

      I look back to my childhoodin the 1950s and 60s and feel sorry for the current generation of kids.....all wrapped in bubblewrap and cottonwool. If I were to have been stuck in doors all day I would have gone mad and so would have my mother. I grew up in East London, I used to play in the bombed out shells of building which were left from WW2l. I used to play by the river which was filthy back then. I would climb trees in the park and "find" ball bearings in the railway yard.......Times have changed and not for the better in my opinion.....Nostalgia is not what it used to be:-)

  3. Lord of Atlantis7:34 PM

    I quite agree with you, Tonk! Today's children miss out on so much fun and adventure: their lives are totally sterile compared with ours! Times have indeed changed but, in many ways, most definitely NOT for the better!

  4. This reminds me of the day I wiped up some Sulphuric acid (at the tender age of 14) from the lab bench at school with my cotton handkerchief and put it in my pocket . . . later wondering why the nylon pocket lining had melted and I had a large, red, itchy patch on my leg. I went to the school nurse, told her what had happened, to which she (quite rightly) said "You silly w*nk*r, you should know better than that." I then phoned my Dad (a chemistry teacher at another school) who basically reiterated the nurse's words. Nowadays, of course, the trauma of a burnt leg being judged insufficent, I would be exposed to the added trauma of my favourite teacher at school getting kicked out and lots of nosey-bugger social workers giving my the fourth degree to get me to lay the blame on somebody else. Of course all of that would ridiculous as it was 100% my fault for being a silly w***** and not listening to the teacher's advice.

  5. Presumably the kiddies of the Right On brigade get to play with Sociology Sets.

    1. Presumably you don't mean 'Right On' but 'Left On' as most of these schemes are thought up by Whigs.